The Flow Has Been Captured By Edencom

The Heartbeat of Life

The perfect match has been struck against the night of the cave.

Come take a leap of faith with me. Proof that the heartbeat pattern of life is the key to communicating with life across the Universe.

The key to unlocking life across the Universe is the beating heart. All life, except for rocks and dirt, has a beating heart.

Hearts that beat in tune with the gravity of the planet that life lives on one.

Each planet with life on it will have a distinct heartbeat based on the core of the planet and how active it is. Such a heart beat is the base of all heart beats for that planet regardless of which environment the life lives in.

For example, all birds fly through the sky and will have a heart beat pattern is very similar to each other but is very different when compared to land and water based animals.

Humans, dogs, cats, tigers and elephants have a similar heart beat pattern that is based on living on hard ground which is different than air and water based animals.

Minnows, turtles, Bass, large catfish, crawfish, orca, great white and humpback whale all have similar heartbeat patterns that are different then air and land based animals.

When the heartbeat patterns of life on Earth are collected and and made into a digital wavelength and transmitted into space. The alien culture will be able to overlay the heart beat signal with their own species and will then be able to create an image of the location where the signals came from.

Being an astronomer and astrophotographer, I have taken many photos of the stars and found many strange artifacts in them that never appear in other images, except for one, the heart.

If we look at the heart symbol it forms a triangle with two perfect spheres forming the hills that forms the entire triangle. Within the heart symbol there is also a second triangle. The large triangle represents the Earth that is the third planet from the Sun. The smaller triangle is represents life that is further away from the Earth but still exists.

So far we have the number 3 representing the three types of environment that life thrives in on Earth, air, land and water.

We have the number three from the three sides of the triangle formed from the heart.

The two hills of the spheres of the heart symbol.

And the three sides of the smaller triangle.

When you mirror two threes together it creates an 8 or the two hills of the heart. Using a smaller three, the bottom circle forms the Earth and the smaller top of the three forms the moon which orbits the Earth and is crucial for life to exist on Earth due to the process of work being created.

So we have 3 for the types of environments on a habitable planet, plus the three sides of the triangle that represents the heart symbol and the number three for Earth being the third planet from the Sun.

Three perfect sides of a perfect triangle.

When we add the perfection of 8, two threes mirrored to create the Earth and Moon to a half mirrored 8 or 3 we get 11 or 1 + 1 which equals the Earth and Moon as separate heartbeats. When 11 is divided, we two separate 1’s. When added together 1 + 1 = 2. When 2 is mirrored on itself, it creates the symbol of the heart with a line under it. Therefore the foundation of communication between all alien life across the Universe is the beating heart converted into a digital algorithm.

Life would know the sound of a heartbeat long before life recognized or developed a spoke language. The beating heart was the first spoken language of life in the Universe after the Big Bang.

When I stretch my arms out to form a cross, two perfect circles are formed. The lengths of the triangle running tangent from the circles unto my feet, the base forming across the tangent of my head.

When the shadow or darkness, crests across my face, my nose becomes the vertical beam, the shadows become the horizontal beams. Thy eyes become two perfect spheres from which the triangle is once again formed perfectly.

The ancients of Earth once told of a man who was sent to Earth to teach us this message. But those from beyond the Void, the Triglavians, could not stop the message of Creation that was sent through time and space and him.

The Flow now belongs to New Eden.


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