The Forums are so boring since James 315 died

What is there even to talk about now? Lots of new features and stuff, sure, but like,

Now, I’m not going to be another doomsayer and assert that the poor state of the forums is a sign about the state of the game and hold that up as solid proof that James 315 foretold all this like a decade ago…

I’m just asking, what is there to do in this game other than sell permits and indiscriminantly slaughter carebears?


What do YOU do in this game?


I run a companion service where you can pay for some one on one time with our fantastic customer experience representatives and in return I fund Keepstars for their corporations.

Social engineer corporations? Undermine community goals through social engineering? Just get rich? I love doing these things and I think I got a nack for it. Mentoring both veterans and new players is really fun.

I also like being a team player when I am in the mood and when it suits me politicly.

I am retired from EVE atm, not a lot of time to play atm. Plex too high. I don’t wanna commit the hrs to grind. I could come back anytime if I wanted to with 500 plex sitting. :man_shrugging: I am waiting for cities skylines 2 to drop. So, I try and maybe educate the ignorant here or just plain ole entertaining myself with the trash some people post.

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I like this guy ^^^

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I sell Catalysts.

/Come to think about it, Frostpacker does the same for James the same as what Aiko does seeing that we’re both ex Code. Members!

James315? Never met em.

With modernized regards
-James Fuchs


You’re in the wrong place. All the good content gets moved to other forum sections. GD is merely a Potemkin Village to show random people on the internet how clean and harmonious our community is in order to convince them to give EVE mining a try.

I don’t think things are quite as bad that there not being anything to talk about…is something to talk about.

The forums passed away a long time ago sadly.


The true endgame content: play with the character editor and get the best and most sexy portrait shots possible.


Are you Gadget’s alt or something? :thinking:


I can understand that my forum posting prowess may not be easily explained by conventional science. I have trained extensively in a far away place, high in the mountains, where I rigorously honed my forum posting skills day and night, training tirelessly in the forbidden blog-poster chambers while dodging serrated blades made of straw man arguments…

A mind that used to be soft like a noodle, has since become sharp as steel, able to cut through stone and irrational thinking.

I have thus acquired the ultimate power of polite posting. Others may have walked a similiar path, but this one is mine. Does it scare you? Does it scare you that I am sending you my regards?

With terrifying regards
-James Fuchs



You are way overthinking this. It’s simply just that your ending and signature line is very similar to Gadget’s style of the same.


I can assure that he is not gadget.

How do I know.

Gadget and her alts have me blocked.

James does not.

Therefore, James is nor Gadget.

I’ve went ahead and searched for this mysterious gadget person, I assume you’re talking about @Gadget_Helmsdottir?

I must say, I’m surprised I didn’t notice this sooner, they even posted in my threads! And it is kind of similiar??

Perhaps they were one of my fellow students of the forbidden chamber, see their style is similar but while I always send my regards, they only leave their signature, VERY important distinction. But a polite-poster nonetheless! Thanks for bringing them up, perhaps we can work together and combine our postings to unprecedented levels of classy and polite that redefine the boundaries of what is humanly possible.

I’m excited!

With friendly regards
-James Fuchs


I seriously doubt it.

She blocked me because I was using this thing called “logic”

She didn’t like it much.

She was even trying to set up strawmen and red herrings but, I cut through that to keep the argument on track. She didn’t like that much either. It concluded with her tossing out some ad-hominem and then blocking me.

I do?

–News to Gadget

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Breaking news!

Gadget unblocks Thorne!

Does this mean possible diplomatic resolution?


Trying to fly safe :woman_shrugging: