The FUTURE is PVE. PVE gives more profit. PVP is an option for those who like it

I do not believe that, as a company, CCP wants to withdraw from Customers, as that is what we are, Customers, and, as a result, loss of revenue. Therefore, we suggest a PVE server or, in the SFETY button, enter an option where to play it or be immune to attacks from PVP players.
Spend an hour, a day, a week, a month building a spaceship, using real money and the most precious: TIME AND GOOD WILL - gathering goods, looking for items, paying sometimes by buying PLEX with real money to exchange for ISK and then everything was destroyed and stolen?
It’s very unbalanced to do something like that.
Anyone who does this and likes it should seek urgent treatment.
And more: how can someone who can spend a maximum of 10, 20, 50, 100 DOLLARS compete with another player who can spend 100, 200, 500, 1000 DOLLARS?
And what’s good?
This is not funny or fun at all.
“1000 systems, 10,000 bases and stations”, but you who don’t like PVP and don’t want confusion can only stay in two or three and still be worried.

Facing an NPC is fine, fine, it was a choice, but being surprised by another player with more resources and killed?
There’s nothing fun about it.

IF you really want profit and the satisfaction of the majority, you must have noticed: PVP server has no future.
If it had, other games would have continued with them.
Some games even allow you to switch instances and go to a PVP instance, but when you get there, it’s empty.
Just NPCs the other player completing some mission that he couldn’t get in the PVE instance.

And yet, it’s very difficult to be attacked.

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I’m sorry, I don’t know who hurt you but EVE Online is a Snadbox type game with a very important PVP component, in fact it’s the engine that drives the economy. I’m afraid you’ll have to find another game that better suits your tastes instead of trying to impose your preferences on this one… Good luck


This game is 20 years old. No future? How did it last this long if what you’re arguing is true?


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And they say people who like PVP are the toxic ones.



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The fact of having one unique universe where your activities matter including PVP is what makes EVE so different to other games. It it usually not a good idea to give up your unique selling points.


there you go, problem solved.


Another day, another “I don’t like open PvP, therefore nobody likes it and the game is dying because of it” thread.


It’s sad how many people, including long-time players, don’t get this basic idea.


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