The Future of Eve, and why hasn't there been anything new in 10 years?

All my suggested changes do is shift more PvP into lower security status, that’s it. Read it again. .7+ becomes harder to pvp in, while .5, .6, and .7 are still highsec gank locations. It pushes players back into nullsec, and allows industrial players to flourish, driving down ship prices, expanding pvp because more players are more willing to loser their ships. More.

Tranquility is the server we are currently playing on. Singularity from ten years ago, was the PTR. Public. Test. Realm. It was a direct copy of Tranquility that cropped up when they needed to test new stuff coming out. I was there when it excisted. It wasn’t a game, it was a place to test. Everyone basically had creative mode. Learn your Eve history. Singularity is still creative mode Eve by the way: Singularity - EVE University Wiki

Thanks for correcting my spelling. It changes nothing of what I said previously.

Huh, wonder why a bunch of people said the same thing. Also I never said pvp was a problem. Try again though.

And I am talking to CCP about player retention and bringing proven method suggestions to their doorstep to see a game I would love to get into again, actually come back and thrive once more. I want to hear about thousand player fleet battles every week, not 20 man rifter gank squads on mining vessels. I want real PvP, not the Ganksters Paradise CCP has created. Please re-read what my changes would do and how they wouldn’t prevent PvP but would make it significantly more fun for everyone.

You can hear and read words and still leave out a majority of context of those words, to simplify an argument down to what you want the argument to be over and over, but if you actually read what I said, it can’t do anything but actually increase the health of the game. You would even still be able to gank in highsec, just not in cheap throw aways anymore. That’s it. Get rid of suicide ganking and the game suddenly shifts to something that is fun for everyone, and more people play, and remember that more avalanche I told you about before?

I think you did.

You want to “fix” how player engagement works, to “protect” those who don’t want PvP from those wo want to enforce PvP on others.

And that almost everyone disagrees with you should be a hint that your suggestion is somehow flawed.


Weird, MY issue, not PvP’s issue. Since you can’t read.

And yes, I know for a fact that forcing PvP turns off a vast majority of gamers, because it’s not overall fun. Again, if you read anything about what I said about Eve, you’d understand that this game had me hooked and spending money on it for THREE YEARS. I still run multiple accounts right now. Trust me, I don’t want PvP to go anywhere, I want to to be more fun for everyone, rather than a major skew towards one side. Read my suggestions again.

You’re welcome to assume anything you like. You already started it by assuming you know how to do EVE better.

I’m sure you feel your ideas are cool and fresh and unique and each one would improve EVE greatly, but the fact is they’re yesterday’s news in the puddle of weekly “what’s wrong with EVE” posts. Your ideas aren’t being dismissed because nobody bothered to read them… it’s because most long time forum members have read them dozens of times before.

Yes, in general, it’s easier to market to a mass audience than a niche audience. But niche products still exist. EVE was never designed for the mass audience.

You’re committed to your ideas, for better or worse, and so you take anything less than agreement as an attack and an excuse to be condescending. That’s fine, but it doesn’t help your argument any.

As to “games like No Man’s Sky are constantly going up”, actually, NMS is much newer than EVE yet already has fallen below EVE’s concurrent player count. You can check it pretty much any time of day. It does spike up from time to time whenever something new is announced, but in generally it typically has only less than half the players logged in as EVE does - even though EVE is decades older.

Your posts would do better with more informed (and accurate) thought, and less passionate dissatisfaction.


I have read them and I claim for myself that I am not the dumbest person in the room. However I don’t think EVE woul be a better game with your suggestions in it.

If you REALLY want to help EVE create a newbie-friendly corp or alliance, take newbs by the hand, teach them how to get skilled first and rich later so they can laugh about gankers trying to catch them or the occasional loss now and then when they were lazy or sloppy. Do that and your efforts might multiply. Make 10 guys stay because you educated them, they might call 20 more because they will experience EVE as a great game.

If you do NOT want to help EVE, create doom-mongering topics about how dangerous and evil and unfair everything is. Because it isn’t. No matter what a Newbro wants to do in EVE, he could learn this profession from day one without much threat of being ganked or being hunted down and killed all the time. Mining, Exploration, Missionrunning, WH, Abyssals - doesn’t matter. We have newbs in our corp that cannot even fit T2 modules and they live in a space without local, without concord, around them players with 100times the Skills and Experience. And guess what, they thrive. They make more money in a month than the scared highsec miner all year long and thes shrug off the occasional loss and enjoy the occasional kill. They WORK for their progress instead of feeling entitled of it being given to them for free.


That isn’t quite correct…

CCP actually asked Corp/Alliance players to help retain and support new players who suffer their first major loss by helping them understand what happened, to quickly resupply and to get revenge…

According to CCP, new players who are sought out to join a corp with support and given a role/purpose are 2x more likely to stay and remain active whereas those who join a corp on their own with no support are 2.5x more likely to become inactive.


Someone who didn’t like the game 10 years ago came back and still doesn’t like it, writes novel about everything that needs changing even though not having played the game kinda means he knows crap all about it.

Tell us, why should we, or CCP, listen to someone who quit 10 years ago because he doesn’t like the core concepts of the game, returns out of nowhere writes an uninformed rant with demands to change the game into what personally suits HIM?


[quote=“Aisha Katalen, post:30, topic:408476, full:true, username:Aisha_Katalen”]
Someone who didn’t like the game 10 years ago came back and still doesn’t like it, writes novel about everything that needs changing even though not having played the game kinda means he knows crap all about it.

Tell us, why should we, or CCP, listen to someone who quit 10 years ago because he doesn’t like the core concepts of the game, returns out of nowhere writes an uninformed rant with demands to change the game into what personally suits HIM?
[/quote] I played for three years. Clearly I liked the core concept. Lmfao. Jesus Christ.

Yeah, I actually forgot about that, but now I remember. I actually did use to do that. I saw more players leave the game for that reason than anything else.

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No, you don’t.


CCP’s doorstep isn’t this forum. Try Discord. Or email them directly, or speak to a GM in the website chat… all you did was create a thread with criticism, complaints and half-arsed “solutions”. All that doesn’t seem very thought out from the onset.

Then create a corporation, recruit, take over a system, take a few POCO’s, start wars… all that is possible now.

PvP is PvP, Ganking is PvP, Piracy is still alive in New Eden and YAY!! for it and it bugs you so much know that this game is dog-eat-dog-PvPvsPvEvsDog-eat-dog and if you want safe space there’s Elite, X4 and a few other online knockoffs.

I have read your proposed changes. It isn’t up to me to approve or even have an opinion on them. I’ve been on this forum long enough to :yawning_face: to proposed changes. What CCP has decided so far is fine by me. They have a lot of work ahead of them and I try to support the game best I can. The rest isn’t up to me.


I tell the OPs who write long posts and propose massive changes. Let CCP work on their game.

They are a corporation with many goals.

Join a corp in game and have fun with what’s in EVE and read up on latest news/patches because you missed a lot on what CCP has indicated they are doing development wise. Why do you feel the need to post something like this? Yah CCP has not made the best choices but in the end, we are just average people enjoying space pixels.

EVE will inevitability overtaken by eager startups. It’s how the nature of things works. May not be next year but you never know 10-20 years from now.

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There’s always the Log Off button.

That’s why EVE exists.

I don’t blame you. That’s when you log off EVE and power up X4 or Elite… Different genres for different tastes but also for different moods at different times.

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Like I said: he doesn’t like the core concept of the game which is fine in and of itself because EVE is very niche. The real issue is that he doesn’t even realise that pvp, in all its facets and forms of (forced upon unless countered) competition, IS the core of the game whether that is shootyshooty, the market, area control, assets or resources.

That’s like complaining on the CoD forums about how shooting people is bad and if they would only change the game to remove it the game would be so much better. It’s not only extremely self centered, it’s also moronically stupid.


I don’t think you actually like EVE or really understand it. Your suggestions would completely ruin the game. Piracy is a necessary part of EVE there can be nowhere without risk of ganking and that is for a reason. Every player impacts all other players, no matter what you choose to do, that is why no one gets to be perfectly safe anywhere. CCP has explicitly stated this, it is essential to the game.


I don’t know where they’re all going but a lot of players have been leaving due to CCP turning the sandbox into a scripted theme park. On top of that, using the excuse of balance, CCP has been dumbing down the game and basically making everything be pretty much the same. Not to mention they’ve gone overboard with the graphics, turning the game into a stuttering freeze frame lag fest. In an attempt to retain log-in numbers, most new content is implemented as a grind fest. And let’s not forget they’ve been slowly removing / bypassing the player run market by making items be ‘Account Bound’…

Course that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

As for security pertaining to High Sec space, I agree that there should definitely be more consequences implemented for criminal actions done in High Sec space, especially for habitual offenders. For too long the ‘Reward v Risk’ factor of their actions has been heavily skewed towards reward.

Anyway, I wouldn’t give much attention to the ganker posse gangbanging you in this thread, constantly trying to rationalize and justify ganking with half truths and opinionated statements portrayed as factual truth. They post with alts in an attempt to make these forums an echo chamber, giving the illusion that the majority shares the same opinion with the ultimate goal of chasing away those who don’t share their viewpoint.

Now watch the parade attack… :smirk:


Gangbanging? Where’s the video, it may be more entertaining than a thread with tired ol’ topic.

But you’re still here, @DeMichael_Crimson. I like your posts when they don’t contain paranoid generalities.

I have a feeling that you like forum jousting or you wouldn’t still be here.
Gotta go to bed.

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