The Great 2020 CODE Hunt ( 4B+ in Bounties Paid-out so far!)

I’ll look forward to reading that, until then the fight must go on, join us in the anti-ganking channel in game for more info.

Odin is hot, these cockheads are ganking there.

I should like to support with bounties the anti-gank crusade. Clear HS from scumbags.

Sorry you lost your 3bill bustard, friend. :frowning:

I disagree. I think mining has a deserved and proper place in this game. All who wish to mine should do so enthusiastically.


I’d like one of those.

I’m pretty sure you can get one in Jita local for a reasonable price. Might also buy some cheap Geckos too when you’re at it.


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I live near Odin, I should go check this fellow out, yeah?

Well, Murik Murashev will need more isk to pay for his lost rattlesnake

Bahahaha, with ONE gank we reclaimed every single isk that Quint spent.

ag carebears fail again!

Can someone explain to me why some people can afford to fly such fancy and expensive ships, while others can only afford to sneak around in Catalysts and Thrashers? Is it because the former group consists of honest and hardworking laborers who get rewarded for their efforts, while the latter is full of dumb cavemen who can’t comprehend the value and merits of peace and industry? It just seems unfair that some people have so many good things while others have nothing at all and have to feed themselves with scraps, so I’m trying to ascertain if it’s because those who are good get rewarded, and those who are bad get punished.


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Why did I read this whole thread? Now I feel even more depressed about the current state of humanity and where it is headed.

If there was a big red button I could press that would erase the entire human race and all signs we ever existed, I would seriously consider pressing it. I think the universe would be better off…

I think, out of all of this, people have been forced to look at themselves like never before. I imagine not all like what they see.

I miss Eve. I miss the old days. I left Eve because it became a bastion of greed, drama, and was destroyed by those who refused to accept the core meaning of the game: Those not willing to fight to keep what they have, don’t deserve to have it. Like everything else, it was changed because people couldn’t accept it for what it was and wanted it to be something else it isn’t. Sound familiar?

The point of the game was to escape rl, not bring it here.

The good days are gone…but the memory lives on.

Some of you know me…some won’t. Those that do…know what I stand for.

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No-one has to grind for a living in EVE, and those who chose to do so have no-one to blame but themselves.

EVE is a sandbox game where players are free to make their own choices.

Those who find fun innovative ways to play the game, and especially those who don’t obsess over ISK like you do, should be commended.

In fact, you have it backwards:

There is nothing commendable about flying a blinged out ship and thus taking undue risks.

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But how am I supposed to fly nice and fun ships without money?

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Well blow me down , for the first time ever I agree with shadow.

People obsess about isk far to much we are here to have fun .

Well said Mr S

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Happy to see that we agree Miss G :slight_smile:

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lol you got me :rofl:

Imagine flushing 4 billion ISK down the toilet.

4 billion ISK that probably took months to mine.

It’s amazing how CODE/gankers keep proving the point that there is a serious imbalance in the game.

Yeah, 19 people being able to kill 1 dude is really imbalanced.

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