The Great Hunt (feeling left out in the cold... again)

Heard so much about this event last year.
When I saw it pop today I was excited (stress on the WAS)
pulled a ship together… put the best stuff on it I had and went egg hunting…

got into the first site… and blown to hell and podded by the NPc’s in 10 seconds flat…

Refitted the ship and tried again… dead on arrival… again… wash rinse repeat 3 times more… dead… dead… dead.

ZERO chance at even doing anything… AGAIN and AGAIN.,… and AGAIN with these events.

Thanks for absolutely ruining any chance I had at fun for this event.
(I will not be re upping my Omega after this… no matter what I do I cant participate in events even with 500Mil ISK ships without getting blown away and I dont have the time or energy anymore to be replacing it anymore… thanks for proving that only the most elite of wallet warriors have a good time in EVE. Have fun with your game)

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Hm, very strange, I was doing it today with Algos and Worm in HS. All good. Yes a bit tough for Algos, but no problem at all for Worm. Algos worth around 15 mil, worm 100 mil. What are you talking about?

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The WH I went into was in my home system (redacted).

Its a high sec system… I got destroyed and podded every time I went in no matter the ship or the mods I put on it. I tried an Algos… .its my go to ship for drones and stuff… dead, switched to a Merlin for speed… Dead… went to a coromnt for the guns… dead… went for a stabber… pure speed (5000KPS) webbed and dead… said to hell with it and last shot I went pure fire power in a corax… Died before even getting out of warp…

So ya… long story short… I got killed everytime I went into the hunt no matter what I took into it.

Hes using an astero, could that be the reason?

And idk if it hasnt updated yet or hes lying but he has never lost a pod and only lost 1 ship


What do i have to expect in this sites? Scram, Web, DPS?

The Easter Bunny


Can I have your stuff?

Oh look! Another Event!
kanye keys

Maybe you’d get further if you tried asking for fitting help instead of complaining.

Also, there are non-combat exploration sites associated with the event. So, those might be easier for you to do (especially if you’re going to fly an untanked astero).

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Well there you go.

If only you knew how to properly fit your ships for this and how to run these sites…

Are you sure it wasn’t players that killed you ? You have no losses on your zkill related to this event , except for the Astero that you lost in one of these sites in high sec.

Players would show up too tho

I entered one of these sites in my Claw - only to be scrammed by three of the rats, webbed and neuted. I barely got out in time in structure. I can see where this would be real challenging for a new player!

I came back later with some friends and we were all in a mixed bag of Assault Frigates, myself in an Ishkur. We were able to crush the site just fine and the last rat wasn’t so bad but I would recommend either a droneboat and/or maybe some ammo that can get a little better range on the final boss.

We got like 30m in loot in our first site. Curious what can get dropped.

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All the event’s now are a poor shadow of how they use to be. The Agency points only reward old skins now and nothing else. The event sites themselves are filled with too many overpowered NPC’s that barely drop anything good. In the course of running those sites, players also incur negative standing hits for ship kills.

I use to run all the events and actually enjoyed them but when CCP changed them a couple years ago to their current format, I stopped doing them, way too many negative aspects with them now.

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Yesterday i saw alot of event capsules, today there are none, and i have no keys so event is totally useless as first room drops nothing in value, even level 2 mission is better than this event, due to lack of the event capsules.

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They eat drones pretty fast though, so should be ready to swap. But all in all, seems viable.

My Algos with T2 fit has no trouble running those sites. If a 500m ship can’t run them, you’re terribly bad at it and shouldn’t fly such expensive fits anyway.

The real bucks can be made with the fighter at the end and sometimes those special data sites. People are getting Gecko blueprints that can be worth quite a lot in a few months. Also got a 300m Drone Sharpshooting implant yesterday from the data site.

Look, if you are you going to claim YOUR fit works great, SHARE the fit. FFS We are not here just to hear you jabber.