The Hek Mining Association

We actually care a great deal about the environment which is why we regulate all mining within Hek and the surrounding systems. It is only through responsible mining practices that we can ensure that our natural resources will still be available for future generations.

I’ve only managed to steal someone else’s kill.

Noobified a Noob

HMA Appoints New President

Leading the Way to New Horizons

HMA Introduces New Mascot

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A Guinea pig - ROFL.

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It’s a rat :wink:

It looks like a hamster

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Same thing

It’s a Capybara, you heathens.

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The wisest and gentlest of god’s creatures.


giant guinea pig like rodent that weighs in excess of 100 pounds. chews plants like a boss, enjoys popsicles and is extremely funny looking when high.

Winston: call the exterminator a giant guinea pig is eating your couch!

by Zaera Keena March 1, 2024

Told you → a GUINEA PIG.

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I stand corrected.

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Your link to website is not working. I get the message below

Error establishing a Redis connection.

To disable Redis, delete the object-cache.php file in the /wp-content/ directory.

Not sure where to goon this.



I would of checked out your website if the link to it had worked

Hi @Steve1066. As you can see, I don’t check this thread much now that I’ve retired. But the website went back up a short time after you posted… and probably went down again between then and now. I think I might have had some storage space issues on the cache. Should be all good now.

HMA Sues SCC for Libel