The, hoped for, Future of EVEMon

(Ashilta) #21

Good news, all! I’ve provided a more detailed update on Reddit, however CCP appear to have made strong steps towards fixing the OAuth problem that was prohibiting me from making good progress. Development may resume! You can read more here:


(Maja Chou) #22

thats good to hear!

p.s.: if you revamp some stuff might we can get a asset search over all chars? (or a bunch of it we choose)
and a way we can arrange chars per account or in a partikular order who dont mix around every time we look into a char?
oh and more important a landing page for all notifications we had? not per char… for all chars in an order

but thats all for the future i would be more as happy if Evemon would be again be able to show acount status/expirement after the account was on alpha

but over all… nice to hear you are adressing Evemon for the Future and with you is all ok
(maybe set evemon to open source and get a code revamp with some help from the community?)

(Ashilta) #23


EVEMon is open source. The community are, and always have been, invited to help out and I have included community commits in the last release I performed and the next one I’m preparing. When I took over, I tried to form a team of people to help out routinely and whilst there was some initial interest, it’s pretty much all vanished.

If people want to help, contact me here or on Reddit and I’ll happily accept your offer!


(Tesla Grass) #24

Please get this working, my 6 year plan is almost coming to an end :stuck_out_tongue:

(blackiice) #25

@Ashilta Can you make a new EVEMon official thread please. Make it easier to find out info of what is going on with EVEmon and ask you questions.

(Theodore Eriker) #26

Is there any update ? It has been a couple of months. EVEMon is a fantastic tool not only for skill planning but also for checking on market / industry activity when not logged in. It looks to be written in C#, hopefully some C# experts will jump in and help…

(Do Little) #27

Here is the latest update as of this morning:

They’ve basically spent the past year sorting out security issues relating to ESI with CCP. Looks like that’s now done and they can start work on bringing the product up to date.

(Edward Audeles) #28

I’d very much like to pitch in; given the amount of benefit I’ve had from EVEMon, giving back in some way is way overdue :grinning:

What kind of help are you looking for? Any particular skills required?

(Ashilta) #29

You a C# dev? You may or may not be able to let me know by sending an e-mail to, although I’ve no idea where that goes…

(Edward Audeles) #30

I do indeed have some familiarity with C#. Mail sent :slight_smile:

(Vixen Vix) #31

Hi @Ashilta.

Forget the old API way of thinking and how it worked.

Forget how EVEMon currently works. It won’t work well with many accounts using ESI. Even if it does it will be a pain. I’d advise to focus on developing EVEMon as a 1 account application. If I want to access another account I’ll run EVEMon in another instance.

Developing EVEMon for multi account with ESI or mixing CREST with ESI will be a waste of time.

Also I don’t understand why you move from here to Reddit?

If anyone is interested I’ve made binaries (version 3.0.3 hm) some time ago. Changelogs included. Help yourself.

Original post (old forum):

(Dethmourne Silvermane) #32

Is there a github project for evemon?

(Vixen Vix) #33

Yes, there is. And 40+ forks. @Ashilta is doing this but it’s going very slowly.

(Captain C0ld) #34

What if you have 100 accounts? Run EVEMon a hundred times is a very “good” idea!

(Vixen Vix) #35

@Captain_C0ld there are not many options to choose from. New API works more like a web application, eg. Gmail. You can’t login to different gmail accounts from the same browser at the same time. To check 100 gmails you need to login/logout 100 times or open 100 browser private mode windows (not tabs).

If I’m correct every account (character even) has a separate login/permission context in new API. It’s either EVEMon will work with 1 account/char or not work at all. Now choose!

PS. Playing 100 accounts is not practical. This way you don’t play at all. There’s a finite number of chars (not accounts) you can reasonably “play”. Even if they do PI it takes like 15 mins to do something useful on them (not including switching chars and waiting for client to login for session). 100 accounts x 3 chars x 15 mins = 4500 mins / 60 mins = 75 hours
You’ll need 3 days and 3 hours to “play” 300 chars for 15 mins. A little bit insane. I’ve heard someone runs 27 accounts = 81 chars. That’s already 20 hours of “playing” per day. 6h 40 mins a day if you check every char every 3rd day just for 15 mins.

(Tonto Auri) #36

Except EVEMon is not a browser, and you are not constrained by anything browser does.
Nobody said about “playing” 100 accounts. But having access to a large enough number of accounts that running an EVEMon per account is impractical is quite easily achievable.

(Felix Judge) #37

@Ashilta Thank you tons for continuing EVEMon. You asked earlier, if I understood correclty, what people would prefer most for you to look after. I throw my lot into the “skill planning” hat. Plus, it would be great to see the skills updated, as the moon goo skills are not in, as fas as I can see. Also very helpful are the alerts for PI and industry (as neither game nor other tools seem to do that). Transactions, contracts and so forth are “very nice to have”, but from my viewpoint not the priority. Best regards, and do not forget to include hints how to make in-game donations. Cheers!

(Shiloh Templeton) #38

You might have to setup API for each character, but you shouldn’t have to login each char separately every time you use the program, and all the chars should be accessible when you run the app. See how jEveAssets did it as they already upgraded their program.

(Do Little) #39

It’s alive!

EVEMon just auto-updated to 3.0.4! First update in close to 2 years - can’t remember exactly when 3.0.3 shipped - pretty sure it was before Citadels.

Nothing new but a few bug fixes - they’ve been preparing the foundation for ESI.

(Marcus Tedric) #40

It was indeed a most pleasant surprise. Crashed a couple of times - but there you go…