The Hunt: High-Sec Tips to Winning

Warp to zero, shoot everything until Rakka spawns - then focus on Rakka. The player who deals the most damage gets the wreck (not the last shot as many players mistakenly believe).

The boss drops accelerators, skins and the prized Hivaa ballistic controls. You can get drugs, fireworks and (mostly) metal scraps from the other NPCs.

Sensor boosters, mobile tractor units and small tractor beams are your friends to ensure that your loot doesn’t get ninja’d out from under you. Interesting enough, heavy grapplers are actually quite useful even when the NPC frigates aren’t in optimal range as they trigger them to activate their MWD - making them easy to pick off.

This is a game of rock, paper, scissors. Rattlesnake beats Golem, Golem beats Vargur - but nothing beats Kronos. If you can’t out-DPS any of these ships - best move on to another site (because you’re not going to win).

In fact, as one of these top ships - the more players that enter the fray the better for them (since they usually take out the smaller ships and having more ships makes it far easier to deliver the most damage to Rokka).

CCP has recently patched The Hunt so it no longer spawns two bosses. The boss also now spawns at zero so warping to anything else places you at a disadvantage. And as the event is timed, you can no longer ignore the boss to farm wrecks because eventually the boss warps off and the event ends. Finally, the loot drops have been nerfed so these are no longer anywhere near as lucrative as they were previously.

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Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I would add that upon warping into the site, immediately go for the egg and loot it. The rats will target lock you so just return fire and grab the egg, then orbit the site beacon at around 10km range. The Boss will spawn within 10km which makes it easy to switch orbit to him.

Edit: The Boss also drops male and female Guristas Outlaw apparel items.

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Pick a frigate or destroyer, warp into site, based on number of wreck, guess approx time when boss will spawn then either wait in site or warp off and return minute or 2 later. Don’t attack anything, just stay close to the boss and be ready to ninja-loot the wreck. NPCs seems not to target smaller ships at least unless the first player in site still attacks them.

Depends on your combat skills, either use frigate/destroyer with intent to run away immediately, use inertial stabilizers and/or warp core stabilizers (easy and accessable to new/alpha players too). Or use pvp fitted Gila, Stratios, VNI or even t1 cruiser (which will increase your chance to dragg the aggro from the players).

The loot is quite worthy this time so more players tends to fight for it if you steal it.

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Let us know how that works for you. A smart player will just stop shooting the boss and let the NPCs drive you off. Or pre-target you and alpha your ninja a** if you go suspect. Not too mention that MTUs will usually snag the wreck, so your proposition is at best an iffy gamble (there’s a good chance of you dying for a just a skin and article of clothing if you do manage to pull it off). And let’s not forget that it’s easy to flag you as a thief (once a thief - always a thief).

There are plenty of players with PvP fits who run these sites looking for nothing else than foolish players hoping to snag some free loot.

So should we hang onto these eggs or sell them? Since this change I can barely run these solo anymore in the vexor fit the event chat helped me put together. For a new player this seems like a pretty big increase to difficulty.

Edit : I can handle the site just fine it’s just this timer that makes it almost impossible to do. They always warp off before I even have a chance to burst the bosses shield.

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Pretty sure you can point the boss to prevent warp off. I have been using a Dominix in lowsec and sentries. I plop MTU align out and let everything fly to me as I warp in at 100km. After boss spawns I MJD to him and point. While sentries are far enough away to not be messed with and the frigs and cruisers turn back in to chase me. Helps to have good Intel channels as this will leave you exposed in lowsec, but it has allowed me to farm them a bit longer still.

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