About the new trig event (its for easter and theres some goodies included)

So i have this amazing website bookmarked called hoboleaks, and what it does is it checks the new files on the eve client and sorts them into areas for capsuleers to check whats new. feel free to google it as i have no clue if i can link links here. Anyways, the content i uncovered is as follows (i will ony post the important stuff):

this data was from Comparing Tranquility_Previous (Build: 1468687) to Tranquility_Next (Build: 1470987),
Generated @ 2019-03-12 11:05:35 EVE Time (UTC) - (5d, 10h, 52m ago)


first major one:

this first one tells us that the sleepers have a role in the event, theres a new special commodity and possibly only 1 new accelerator

second major one:

this one lets us know this is possibly an amarrian event

3rd major one:

we have new triglavian artifacts we can uncover and that the artifacts " should probably be handed over to CONCORD but the curious could probably keep it and carefully monitor it without too much risk. Probably." maybe there is a reward for turning these artifacts into CONCORD.

non new-item finds:

maybe this is the next event ore?

and finally, a discovery I find most interesting:


anyways, hope you enjoyed my finds, have a nice day, o7


I hope the upcoming Easter Event will be like it was last time, encounters with Guristas while collecting eggs.

That was a fun Event, good content with some great rewards.


Hi DeMichael Crimson!

I am that new to this game, as i started in somewhen in June, last year, so i cant figure out what was the “easter event”.
Can you tell me mor about it?

Kind regards
Terzialis Maximus

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Hi Terzialis,

Welcome to Eve, hope you have a long and successful career here.

Last year CCP created an in-game event called ‘The Hunt’ which was set against Guristas Pirate NPC’s.

In my opinion it was a fun fast paced event with good rewards. Various event beacons, Guristas Detention and Guristas Transportation, spawned all over New Eden guarded by Guristas Pirates. The main objective was to complete Agency tasks and gain points by destroying NPC’s, completing sites and collecting a random amount of Derelict Capsules (eggs) that Concord would buy.

Various threads were posted about The Hunt, including this one on how to run it in High Sec:

I even posted a thread to show my appreciation to the event team who created the event.


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