The Incursion Rat Race

“Good night, Legs and Louie”. “Good night, Sir, they said as they walked out of the room. As I tape this second recording of my reflections in the Incursion business, I thought about the giant rat race that is incursions. I tell my associates who don’t run incursions not to get into this business full time. Why do I tell them this? It’s quite simple.

Incursions is a giant rat race.

Yes, I take part in this rat race to a degree. I run incursions as a means to an end. The rules and regulations the incursion titans impose on the small guy’s force compliance. Either fly these ships and upgrade or don’t run in our fleets, it’s simple. So, I did. I followed their rules to the dot. We didn’t expend any more operating costs than needed. It took nearly four years for the rules to tighten down the way they are. I am personally impressed it took this long! They want people to rapidly inject into their ships for what? To get burnt out? Not see profits for months? Keep climbing. Better abyssal modules. Better guns and gear. All for the next titans to outdo the previous titans. See how this is a big rat race? CLIMB and CLIMB for WHAT? Marginal gains for insane costs? When you think you are at the top the goal posts are moved!? The incursion titans cannot change human nature. They keep trying in vain and I sit and read the reports that yet again nothing has changed, and people still think exactly the way they do today. Greed rules in New Eden. Anything that is above the minimum requirements is a charitable donation to the community.

I tell my business associates in the mafia not to run Incursions. This public business takes a part of your soul. Incursions is a giant rat race. It kills human creativity. It takes massive willpower to maintain your core values when running these sites. Anyone can easily get brainwashed into being another drone in the fleet. Being unique pays well in social exposure and in ISK. I found massive leverage for my business four years ago. Today that leverage is diminishing as the titans work to snuff out the last of the creative thinkers.

What tools do you have to take out titans who own 100+bil in ISK? Hitmen won’t work. They have too much ISK. So, what do I do? I annoy them to death. It sounds easier said than done trust me. Nothing targeted. Nothing passive aggressive. The essence of what the mafia does is to undermine the system for the enrichment of everyone. I do not regret the actions I have taken so far public and private. My actions have made me, my henchmen, my associates, my investors, and my stakeholders very rich. :moneybag:

Keep in mind I was in character for this post. Thank You for reading.

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This is spot on!
Yeap, they want you to have more alts for… having more alts! :unamused:
Want you to have more ships for… having more ships :rage:
Want you to inject more for… injecting more… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The miner mentality creeping in on people, or you burn out and quit EVE/incursios or you become a mining miner who mines the red triangles mines for… mining mines. :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

Burn and give up… or turn into a miner who perpetually mines and acumulates mining gear.

I have a friend who got burned of incursions and nowadays he despises it, yesterday I convinced him into making his first low sec pirate alt and he is loving the idea. :pirate_flag:

Also, it is quite amuzing when a full blown incursion miner treats me like ■■■■, talks me down, treat me like trash… they are so self entitled as the superior EVE caste who permit themselves into treating others like ■■■■. They are farming the ISK for years with many alts everyday, many hours a day for ± 200 mil an hour per alt and this turn some of them into a toxic miner.

I strongly disagree with this part with a burning heart! :heart_on_fire:

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I forgot to mention that is full of null sec miners making alts in high sec to farm incursions, if null sec is so great and way richer as people say, why run high sec incursions?

Easy ISK and barely no risks… then they bring disgusting alpha alts in hyperions and farm ISK for skill iinjectors for their Titan pilots so they can fight Goons… mining miners “gwur goons” from null sec farming endless ISK in high sec. This tells how toxic things can become in high sec.

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I should have elaborated in my tape.

Of course, hitmen do work. The mafia is not rich. We can’t hire long term hitmen to really CRUSH someone. One or two ganks won’t work. Their wallets are merely dented or scratched at best. You need 5, 10, 20+ well timed ganks to really drain someone of their ISK. They can cost a pretty penny depending on the type of person/ship. Sadly, it’s out of my budget and time constraints to pay someone for something I want achieved. I have my plex bill also. At most we have only had about five billion in liquid ISK ever. These are people with hundred + billion. I have some more ideas on what I want to tape next. :wink:

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