The Public Business

Incursions is the public family business of the Amico Mafia. I remember my first connection to the business where an unnamed associate of mine gave me my first shield tanked Rokh. He explained to me the ropes of incursions and how things operate. Soon I upgraded from a Rokh to a shield tanked vindicator. Then we found out how the abyssal racket was working in Incursions. Me and my associates watched the huge titans of incursion runners roll modules on and on shoveling billions into the furnace without regard to the little guy. I went to my right-hand man and said, “How can I exploit this and annoy the titans of incursions to death? Hitmen are useless against people with 100 +bil of ISK.” “Do what is required of the government’s rules and regulations. Nothing more nothing less. You have leverage, people follow what you say/think. If the titans ban you from their organization, you know what firestorm that would create? It would be biblical!” He spoke.

So, we did. The rules back when I was introduced to incursions from my fellow associate where very relax. We had three incursion focuses no one really cared. My business was racking in the cash! I roll quality abyssal modules at one tenth the price it takes the titans to get. I am always quite vocal about my cash/success. Why be successful if no one knows? The titans and feds attempted to audit my public business. Where was my ISK going to, they thought? He has a t1 vindicator, he is an alpha, he has excellent gear. Why is he not an omega?

We want ISK. I want ISK.

No smart businessman keeps all their eggs in one basket. We follow the government’s rules and regulations. The titans can’t find any dirt on me. The government can’t find any dirt on me. Everything I do in the public business is above the table. I make ISK in a fashion that is more enjoyable to my associates and henchmen. This is the public business we take part in. I do not regret the actions we took from then until now. I will sit here, light my cigar :smoking: out of 50 million ISK bills, pour my wine :wine_glass:, and celebrate with the henchmen, associates, and my Jersey Muscle. Continue to run the public business and continue to keep the Amico Mafia profitable in New Eden. Everyone in the Mafia knows the successes we have had over the years. This is a reflection on the success we have achieved.

I have been told my multiple people that I do too good of a job at putting on my public persona. I tell aspiring bosses that having a public and private persona is one of the most important ways to throw off government regulators in Incursions. If I must tell the public and give them a snapshot on how I think, I know I have won the long game. Then I must make it clear my EVE persona is not my RL persona. That’s how you truly know people believe what you say. That is just as powerful as being a multi billionaire with 100+billion in ISK.

To sucess.

I was in character for this post. I didn’t think this would be appropriate for the IGS. My first-time posting RP to forums thank you.

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Continuing the discussion from Welcome to Player Fiction:

Where as IGS is for in character posting

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When it comes down to it, the player fiction’s generally pretty good for story format things like the above, and in my opinion is usually a good spot to start because it lets you dip your toes in and discuss things around your work a bit more @Anthony_FatTony_Amico

So I think made a good choice in trying to put it here.

It can be difficult to talk around the content of a post IC without many of the IC personalities clashing or putting forward factional vitriol, because… well? In-character is in-character. So there’s an opportunity to talk around what you’ve put together, where it works very well, and where other parts may need improvement


Yah reflecting on my post. I agree this is more in character story telling. Like me recording a tape just to reflect on the things I have done in my EVE/Incursion career. Just happy people took the time and viewed it. :slight_smile:

Incursions is a very complex public business. I have been doing this persona since 2020 and since 2018 privately. You embrace who you are in EVE… Do it for years. People eventually start believing it. People can’t discern from what is lies and what is truth. So, they just condemn all of it in fear. :wink:

Thank You for the guidance. I got a better idea where to put the next threads at.

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Im not big on doing RP, but i love reading what ppl come up with. Look forward to more of yours

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