The Treasure Galleon My Story

(Not this account about my first ever time and account on Eve)
Sorry for any bad English.

I would love to see a youtuber make a video on my story.

I would like to start by saying two passages;

O 1.) Long ago CCP the CEO said titans will be owned by corporation or alliances and will be mobile space stations.
O 2.) When you log out in space you warp off and disappear, when you log back in you return to that spot (if you haven’t got aggressive timer of 15 minutes).

The story starts when I was running level 3 security missions with the dream to run level 5 looking over my wallet at the 10% NPC tax I was directed to join a corporation. I joined a corporation with 9 other people told them my desire and they helped me get a battleship For level 4 missions. In turn I joined there weekly 9 (now 10) drake roam fleet into null. In one such roam we were in a 10 drake fleet we find ourselves in the outer reaches of Eve looking for a fight we find a ratter kill him he takes down 2 drakes (leaving us to just 8) and the fleet is roam is holted as FC tell us he dropped 1b worth of loot easily our highest drop to date more than our entire fleet at the time. So our mission becomes a protect FC to jita fleet. As you can guess null intelligence channels already reported us we died mostly (I got my drake out, yey) we get yelled at by FC begging the question how do we get “treasure out” of deep null. I make the first passage quote but we number 10 no way to protect a titan. Don’t remember who in corp says second passage, when FC pipes us “Yureka!!” Confused we ask what’s up he suggests we (as a corporation) buy a carrier to hold all loot, reship and rearm in and log off hidden in a null sec location. So it’s decided tax goes up to 30% and we save up as a corporation to buy a Archon (small gain for major alliances major for us). And we continue are shenanigans in areas all us 10 donating 1 character slot to permanently be in a drake out in null CEO donating 2 characters 1 to drake 1 to carrier we start filling her jumping 1-3 billion loot only logging her in to rearm drones missiles we feel like real <3nomads<3 no personal starbase no personal station to be countered no sovereignty station or homes just a fleet striking out (we felt untouchable).
One day we do a recruitment drive gaining 3 people now (13 drake roam) we tell about our ships and plan (leaving out the carrier) and we require 1 character in their account as a sit in null drake character they hesitate at first till we win them over with roams and the fun of PvP (go Eve) and after the roam we take them to a at time a pipe system to a safe spot FC drops and logs back in the carrier we load her up informing them of the ship and it’s purpose one asking how much she got in there about 0.8b just emptyed her a few days ago another says so… Its like the treasure galleons of old… (Hence the name) we rename her immediately to treasure galleon (feeling a little cocky I may add) anyway treasure galleon (or TG for now on).
Fast forward a little we doing weekly roam scan sites pve in null loading TG with everything of value after such a roam there was 8 of us on CEO included we finish up logging in TG load up rearm etc the FC (who is the CEO turns to us) declaring this is are most profitable month yet 14.6b in hold, we all cheer and congratulate and… new player activate warp scram on TG and drops fleet immediately FC not missing a beat says primary drake new player name spelled (starts spelling) this isn’t a moment of excuse me sir I think you made a mistake by targeting our nice archon it’s your going to die also who the hell in a drake thinks they can take out a archon and 6 drakes as such thoughts are behind me as local spikes 30+… 40+… You know you messed up a little when you see local spike and ALL where from the original 1b dropped character alliance (he remembered us aww)
Obviously fast tackled get her first 2nd point 3rd po… TG warps off not know what madness has just happened and all hell is breaking lose and FC CEO has gone silent while another corpy starts FCing all while we trying to ask where is CEO and why he gone silent a fight insues in which we kill that drake and start dieing through out our fight CEO only says “Safe!” Turns out the new player spy was still in our coms and has access to all corp bookmarks which they where mopping us up and playing some form of battleship the board game warping ships to our corp safe spots and search for a clocked archon stuff I found out about when a ship warps straight to squish me
We sit there waiting for FC to exsplain speak more on “safe” like personal book mark corp bookmark how is he and how is ship all while waiting out his aggression timer to go so he can log or to hear we lost her. He logs off logging in as CEO kicks spy from corp and coms and we get a well that’s was close won’t be logging her on for a while.
As we all chuckle over the events.

I don’t know if nomad living out a ships item and fleet hanger was I thing they wanted small corps to do but highly recommend to anyone playing Eve.
I know the roqual is a thing but I personally would like Eve to make a few different ship sizes with bonuses for nomad living bigger fleet and item hangers.

Thank you for lasting this long I hope I didn’t offend anyone and you enjoyed my story.


TLDR (now with 200% more punctuation!)

OP’s corp used to hunt in NS with drakes. One day they get a kill that drops 1 bil loot, but are unsure how to safely extract it. Ultimately, they decide to buy a carrier, and put the loot in there. However, they don’t extract it. Instead, they keep killing, and keep filling it with loot. Meanwhile, they recruit some new guys to join in on the hunts.

Then, one day, a corpie drops fleet, and scrams the carrier while local spikes -turns out they have been infiltrated by the guy who dropped that first bil of loot. Everyone ends up dying except for the carrier, which somehow manages to safe up and cloak in the ensuing chaos.

Unfortunately, the experience gave OP PTSD, which manifests itself as an inability to use punctuation. It’s very sad. But they’re seeing a counselor, attending group therapy, and one day hope to be able to use commas again. :stuck_out_tongue:

OP also suggests some new ships designed specifically for “nomad living.”


Thank you for your service.


This is an idea I support 1000%

Alternatively, just make a T2 Orca with a small shipyard on it

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Thank you for correcting me sorry for my bad English :frowning:

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Thank you, I’m glad the story had a happy ending!


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