Undermining People's Vision

As I wave goodbye to the henchmen for the night I walked into my room and start the tape.
So, I was thinking how annoying people to death is such an unprofessional term to use for what I do. It’s much harder and more complex than you might think. Sure, we see the forum liars; these people are the bottom feeders of the internet. They are just bored people with no goal our purpose. Anyone can spot an online forum liar from a mile away. Let’s take it to the next level.

What about liars with intent? People with malintent?

These are the kind of people who will befriend you they don’t really ask for anything from you. In the incursion business I can talk all I want long as I run fleets now and then. You say one thing and do the complete opposite, or you drag your feet. It’s not even passive aggressive or targeted at a specific person. The incursion titans know what I do. What are they going to do? Ban me? I follow their upgrade rules and regulations. I cover my tracks. They have NOTHING on the mafia.

I undermine the Incursion Titans vision. They HATE me for that. I inspire others who may not be as vocal or wealthy as me. What it really takes to get into someone’s head rent free is to pinpoint the thing they love and chisel cracks in it. They will sit there attempting to build up their vision in Incursions and yet nothing truly happens. There is no change. Why do you think there is a startup incursion community? Many titans simply gave up imposing their vision upon to the unchanging public. They are frustrated that what they want ideally will never happen if there are people with malintent are within their ranks. So, they form a new community and deny anyone they suspect. There is no trust in the common line pilot in their community. It is now just a group of titans who make their ISK separate from the general community. Like children who want to use the entire playground for themselves. Alone. Safe. Printing ISK. Easier to create their utopia when everyone agrees. I have taken something they really loved and undermined it so much that people will not accept what they ideally want. I know very well the role I have played in Incursions for the past four years. :wink: I do not regret any of my actions at all. When I am ready to retire from the public business, I think I will write a more detailed book. But again? Noone ever retires from EVE… Let alone incursions.

Don’t forget the public persona the titans put up. They are nice and kind on the outside. When you oppose them? Oppose their preferred meta? They will rip your reputation to shreds. Silently ban you if needed. That is another topic for another tape before bed. :wink:

I was in character for this post. Thank You for reading.

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Nice work! Little note though:

that is not exactly in character. A better way to phrase it is: “No one ever retires from capsuleerdom … let alone incursions”. Technically untrue, because capsuleers can retire, but “EVE” doesn’t exist IC, only OOC. Something to keep in mind for the next fic you write. Looking forward to your next work!

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