Cheers Henchmen!

Johnny, Legs, Louie, come have a drink with me! Let me tell you some of my latest thoughts in the incursion business. As they sat in the bar with their spiced wine and vodka, they started to listen to what Fat Tony had to say.

Today I overheard a conversation between some of the big shots in the incursion fleets. You know? The capsuleers who have the best gear and the deadliest ships. They were complaining about the ISK they get from Concord every hour in New Eden. One of the capsuleers was advocating less emphasis on ISK per hour opting to focus more on the removal of Sansha fleets in high security space. The other one wanted ISK to be center stage and wanted to demand concord for increased payments. I thought to myself that these people are wrapped up in nothing but on the huge issues! What about the average pilot who contributes their ship to stop the Sansha threat? They lose many ships every incursion! What about the people who are more fortunate enough to purchase combat boosters to increase performance and safety? Where are the thanks to them? Can’t the big shots and the fat cats in leadership focus on saving the ships that keep New Eden secure? Nope! instead, they are tied up in endless red tape, training, and petty squabbles in the common rooms.

I value the people who I employ under the table to undermine the system. I value the people who align with my thoughts on the current political state of the incursion rat race. Unlike the leadership, elite, and fat cats! I am not worth multi billions or own the best guns/gear. But you know what? I stuck to my values. The people who are left here with us stuck to their values! I don’t need a lot of ISK to be happy in New Eden. We make great ISK here. It makes me sad to see the elite argue over the ISK per hour day in day out. I am happy we are not spoiled by riches. Businessmen become lazy and content when they have all the resources in the world. We built something out of nothing guys, be proud of that!

It takes a vision from one person to identify an area where he can make ISK and influence others. The things I have done, the cost saving measures I exploited, the loopholes I found in the lawns governing our ships were in this ideal to fight the leadership, elite, and fat cats who are worth billions and even trillions! We are not the Amico Mafia without the loyal, dedicated, and ethically bendable henchmen who work to gain quick profit and undermine the dreams of the elite.

Cheers guys the drinks are on me this week! :wine_glass:

The three henchmen said their thanks and went to spread the news of free drinks to the rest of the mafia.


I was in character for this post. Thanks for Reading! I don’t mind critiques.

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All roleplay has truth to it. Remember that. :wink:

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