The Intaki Crisis : The Intaki Diaspora Responds

The UNF’s deployment has raised some concerns privately, over the intentions of a foreign national entity in the affairs of the Intaki. Our intervention in support of the Intaki Militia, ILF, and Intaki Prime itself, are resultant to outcry from the many Intaki, myself included, currently under the employ of the UNF, and residing in UNF territories such as structures, and the Arcology on Eugales VI, and our longstanding friendship with the ILF and other Intaki organizations since our coming onto the clusterwide stage. We remain committed to helping the Intaki people, in whatever capacity we are able to do so, and thank the ILF and other signatories for allowing us to participate in such matters.


Well, you see, it’s Lai Dai we’re talking about. They’re not the “screw the rules, I have money” kind of characters the Practicals tend to be, but your protest matters exceedingly little to them. Quite unfortunately, not being Practicals means you can’t really bribe them to make them leave, either.
Therefore, a solution has to be twofold: it has to both make the presence of LDPS and their affiliated mercenaries on Intaki V a continued drain on their bottom line and it has to offer them an exit strategy that will allow them to save face before the rest of the State… and possibly someone else.

Now, the former is easy - the Intaki Militia is unlikely to refuse anonymous and not-so-anonymous donations of funds, armaments, supplies and instructors, especially not after their encounters with LDPS at Kainta Yavaat. Enough effort, and the risks of any further attempts at smash-and-grab will outweigh the benefits - we might have already arrived at that stage, since there seems to be some uneasy stalemate in place. No need to stop there - the more effective the militia becomes as a fighting force, the better.

As for the latter, however - well, yeah, that’s obviously the hard part. A poor peace is still better than a good war. It would help to keep diplomacy on the table, and to avoid actively antagonizing a megacorp that certainly won’t hesitate to antagonize the hell out of you and everyone in the blast radius of you in return.
Let’s start with the obvious question: what does Lai Dai actually want with our world?


There are already plans in motion that exact on putting Lai Dai under economic distress. The Toxic Waste, though unfortunate in its effect, was part of that, as it discourages business in general. As far as what they want with the homeworld they have made no demands and as far as we know attempts to communicate have largely been unsuccessful, even among capsuleers who one would think they favor.

We have no concrete evidence, but as explained in our investigation, their interests in sacking monasteries and medical research centers shows that this may be a cultural cleansing of sorts. Occam’s Razor would suggest that it is retaliation for the events in the Khanid Kingdom, and your line of questioning does lead to wonder if they were threatened with economic disparity if they didn’t act.

To put it simply: We do not know.

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Sah, thank you, your engagement is a wonderful example of the intent of the Diaspora.

Both points you make are absolutely correct too.

On the first of these, preparations are underway for a plan to put some economic pressure on the specific part of Lai Dai’s business that is both most closely connected to the Kingdom and the most obvious beneficiary of LDPS’ raids on Intaki - its medical research division. It is a large undertaking and we are few so, if you would be interested in contributing, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

On the second point, we will continue to pursue what can be done with Seki Heiwari Insaika but, as we all know her voice, like ours, probably counts for very little in the Lai Dai boardroom.


We should be concerned about what Sah Phyre is implying about Lai Dai: that they may care more about face than about money. Maybe this means a market attack on Lai Dai should be aimed at making them lose face rather than only money.

I am of the opinion that certain parties in the Kingdom that fell victim to ToR’s escapades would just hire the Onowhatevertheirnamewas Brigade for a bit of personal revenge. Lai Dai either sensed an opportunity or took measures to protect their own assets and reputation after Ishukone started asking the uncomfortable questions - after all, it wouldn’t reflect well on them if they hung their own mercs out to dry at the first sign of trouble.

In other words, I doubt this went all the way to the top when it started. But as things escalate, it may be that way now.

That I’d be glad to do, although I’m afraid my options are limited to the ones that do not involve undocking in the next few months.

That’s the problem though - direct attacks involve direct retaliation, and where other megacorps might just cut their losses and run, Lai Dai and the rest of the Patriots are likely to cause trouble until they’re certain they’ve saved that face. Preserved their honor, as much as that word is likely to cause dramatic rolling of eyes around here as of late.


The daridas intakitun have the opportunity to make a difference. Don’t squander it when the time comes.

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Namas Tayam

In the wake of today’s developments on Intaki Prime, the Diaspora unanimously welcomes news of Lai Dai’s ceasefire, and reports of the Onikanabo Brigade beginning to remove their mercenaries from the planet’s surface.

Like other1 interested parties, we await more details regarding the status of Lai Dai Protection Services troops and confirmation that Oninakabo have fully withdrawn from Intaki Prime. Those of us with personnel on the surface have also begun to plan for our own redeployments when the time comes.

However, despite these welcome developments, the Intaki crisis is far from over.

As the healing process begins for those impacted by the violence, volunteers from the Intaki Prime Relief Effort continue to work tirelessly.

Speaking personally for a moment, I can confirm that Relief Effort volunteers will be immediately supported by my own sponsored militia regiment, which will redeploy from supporting the Intaki militia in the conflict zone in the coming hours. The regiment’s resources will be put to good use, assisting with the distribution of aid, and preparing to help with the rebuilding to come.

We would like to request that either the Intaki Assembly or the Idamic Centre provide details of any property of Idic or medical significance that may have been lost to the attacks. The Diaspora would be happy to assist in any recovery or replacement efforts that would surely follow.

It is with regret that the Diaspora unanimously share the disappointment and surprise voiced by some in reaction to the news of the ceasefire. We will be monitoring the exfiltration of hostile forces for evidence of theft. As we await more details, it does appear that both Lai Dai and the Onikanabo Brigade have escaped without any repercussions for the destruction, theft and violence they visited upon the Intaki people.

We therefore ask that the Intaki Assembly release details of the ceasefire agreement, in hopes of dispelling any lingering doubts that the Assembly has indeed taken steps to enforce justice within the Intaki home system.

Aysurvaral loqonadalt! Remain vigilant!

Pratya yavati

Suresha | Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative

on behalf of the Daridas Intakitun


Namas Tayam

The Diaspora gathered earlier today following this morning’s developments on Intaki Prime.

We would first like to welcome the confirmation, from Mordu’s Legion, that the Onikanabo Brigade have removed themselves completely.

With openly hostile forces no longer present, all efforts now turn to the ongoing rebuilding process, and to assess what has been lost.

However, the Diaspora delegates have been left astonished by Lai Dai’s lease negotiation for the Kainta Yaavat Transorbital Launch Facility - which their troops had earlier assaulted and taken by force.

Therefore, on behalf of the Diaspora, I formally request that the Intaki Assembly issue a statement to inform the people of Intaki on this matter.

The Intaki Assembly should be mindful that some may look to draw parallels between Lai Dai’s lease, which appears to legitimise their hostile occupation of the Kainta Yavaat facility, and the events of ten years ago when Ishukone was granted the shipping franchise for the Intaki system in the wake of the Caldari invasion.

While we understand that diplomatic negotiations of this type will be sensitive, and certain particulars of the lease agreement cannot be made public, the people of Intaki have a right to know the rationale behind a decision to lease a major piece of publicly-owned infrastructure. By offering clarity on the situation the Intaki Assembly will help allay the concerns of its people, and avoid the scale of panic and potential for violence experienced in the past.



Intaki Prime, Intaki.

Following heated meetings throughout the day, a spokesperson for the Intaki Diaspora emerged to speak to the press late this evening.

The Diaspora are redeploying tactical personnel under the command of UNF and .ICRS in support of the independent militia troops in Navyii Akat.

The Diaspora spokesperson was at pains to make it clear that their personnel will ensure the actions of the independent militia remain proportionate.

Asked why Bataav of the Intaki Liberation Front, who has been the face of the Intaki Diaspora to date was not making this announcement, and facing questions regarding this controversial development, the spokesperson informed reporters that Bataav had travelled to Navyii Akat to confront the Intaki Assembly personally, to demand answers to questions on behalf of the people of Intaki.

That the Intaki Liberation Front in particular, appears to be showing support for the independent militia and protestors is an extraordinary development, and goes some way to highlight the scale of frustration at the Intaki Assembly.

The spokesperson also appealed to Federal military units on Intaki Prime to remain outside the cities they are reported to be approaching. It is understood that the presence of Federal troops, which has proven controversial among some communities, will only escalate the situation further.


Villore Accords joins the Intaki Diaspora in calling on all sides to refrain from escalating the current violence further. It is clear that the protesters and independent Intaki Militia forces supporting them have valid grievances, and members of the Intaki Assembly who face accusations of accepting bribes from Lai Dai must be held accountable for their betrayal. We unequivocally condemn any suppression of free speech or assembly by Assembly aligned Intaki Militia forces, and call on all Federation citizens to support the Intaki people in asserting their rights as guaranteed under the Constitution of the Federal Union.

Still, the Intaki Assembly remains the legitimate governing body of Intaki Prime, and accountability should come through lawful and constitutional means. It would be a manifest tragedy if instead of standing up for justice and transparency this righteous movement becomes a vehicle for a violent coup d’etat. To be clear, despite our past differences I am confident that the Intaki Liberation Front, as well as the other members of the Diaspora, share a common purpose to prevent such a tragedy.

To that end, GMVA will heed the cautionary advice of the Diaspora representatives, and will not redeploy the Villers Brigade towards any nearby Intaki urban centers. Although Lai Dai has provided some disarmament codes to DADDI devices in the Kainta Yaavat Transorbital Launch Facility, these explosives remain an insidious threat to civilian life here. Much work needs to be done to find these devices and render them safe, lest more people be injured or killed. Villers Brigade ACTs have been engaged in a tireless effort, and with the assistance of the prototype minesweeper drones provided by OLDHR engineers, we intend to continue those efforts until the region is completely safe once more.

In the meantime, the remainder of the Villers Brigade forces in the region will advance to monitor the evacuation of LDPS forces and ensure that they do so promptly and peacefully. Our mission directive will be to closely observe all LDPS activities at the Kainta Yaavat Transorbital Launch Facility to ensure that any damage done to the facility by their operations is carefully documented. This facility’s infrastructure is vital to the economic prosperity of the Intaki people, and Lai Dai must be held strictly liable for any damage their military forces have done.


The Diaspora endorses the ILF’s statement regarding the visit of an ISP delegation to Navyii Akat.

In the context of this sensitive subject, the second of our three mutual commitments is particularly relevant; to recognize and respect in each other both our shared and diverse views. Given the diversity of our participants, a spectrum of views is to be expected. That said, as a group, we agree with ILF that:

  • first, the citizens of Intaki V are owed an explanation of the conduct of their outgoing security franchisee; and
  • second, the prospect of the Assembly working with the ISP more closely in one capacity or another is an interesting (some would say exciting) one and look forward to more information about the nature of those discussions.

The Federal Security Council and a subcommittee of the Federal Senate have issued a Federal Security Directive to the Intaki Assembly in relation to its negotiations with the Syndicate’s Intaki Space Police to take on the security franchise for the Intaki system. The Diaspora has discussed and endorsed two simple points in response. First, the Intaki Space Police are an asset rather than a threat to the security of Intaki, of Viriette and of Placid generally. Second, the Member States of our Federation have an inalienable right to choose their own franchisees free from interference by the Federal Government.

The statements that follow expand on these two points respectively. The Diaspora urges the Security Council to consider them.

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The Intaki Space Police are the most natural champions of the people of Viriette. Most of the organisation’s members and practically all of its leadership descend from the inhabitants of Viriette banished 200 years ago by the Ultra-Nationalist Government, all of whose other acts of cruelty have since been entirely discredited. The ISP has a long track record of supporting the security of Placid, including with the Rise incident and more recently the early Triglavian incursions (when the Federal Navy was preoccupied with defending Essence). They regularly dispatch contractors to eliminate security threats in the area, as our own membership can testify. Most importantly, though, they pursue their mandate because they are local. This distinguishes them from any other potential franchisee, all of whom are dependent on far away corporate or imperial paymasters (although this does not necessarily disqualify them).

This is why the protestors on the streets of Lenoika and Navyii Akat are chanting ‘Intakitun Shupaarab Parakol’.

This is why Tanvir Vasumati’s campaign for the Archon’s chair in Duureanta is gaining traction on the basis of his proposed petition to recognise the Syndicate.

This is why the Federal Government should look on the Intaki Space Police as a natural partner in Intaki’s security when the Federation’s true friends are few and far between!


In light of our collective support for ongoing negotiations between the Intaki Assembly and delegates from the Intaki Space Police, the Diaspora rejects concerns raised by the Federal Security Council regarding the Shipping and Security Franchise for the Intaki system.

In issuing their Security Directive, both the FedSec Council and Senate Subcommittee have infringed upon the authority of the Intaki Assembly.

The Assembly is under no obligation to cooperate with the central Federal government regarding matters that are legally and constitutionally reserved for the Intaki state, providing its actions do not breach Federal treaties.

With regards to the Shipping and Security franchises, there are no restrictions that apply to a member state’s choice of franchisee, and it is not uncommon for such contracts to be awarded to organisations from outside the Federation. Indeed, this applies to the encumbent S&S franchisees for the Intaki system.

We are also able to cite a number of examples where Federal entities have entered into long term contractual agreements with Intaki Syndicate organisations, without issue or reaction from the FedSec Council or Senate.

It is therefore with this precedent in mind, that the Diaspora’s confirms its view that there are no legal grounds for the Gallente Federation to attempt to influence or frustrate a legitimate franchise agreement between the Intaki Assembly and Intaki Space Police, should that be the result of the ongoing negotiations.


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Thank you,

~Alexandre Arthie

Alexandre Arthie,
Directive Enforcement Department
CONCORD Assembly

The Diaspora welcomes the Assembly’s statement reassuring citizens recently reported to be afraid to use government medical facilities.

While such sentiments are positive, the need to express them highlights the absence of a comprehensive reconciliation agreement between the Assembly and its opponents. Such an agreement must involve full disclosure of all dealings by all Assembly members with Lai Dai and its affiliates. The recent announcement of licensing Lai Dai technology based on looting Idic monasteries and their associated medical research facilities to the Khanid Kingdom and House Tash-Murkon only reinforces the need for full transparency in the amnesty negotiations.

Meanwhile, given the concerns among some citizens and the scarcity of relevant medical expertise on Intaki, the Diaspora is particularly grateful for an offer from pilots from Electus Matari to provide the benefit of their experience in dealing with victims of chemical weapons to those on Intaki for whom government services remain suspect.


The Diaspora would like to congratulate President-Elect Aguard on her victory. We are encouraged by her acknowledgement of “the threat of political abandonment and security apathy over the periphery”. This acknowledgment seems all the more timely as Intaki and wider Viriette currently face a targeted campaign by State Protectorate forces in express retaliation for the recent adventurism of the Federal Defense Union in Black Rise.

We assume that the new Administration will also involve a reshuffle of the Federal Security Committee and urge President Aguard to consider the two points we have addressed to that body above alongside her own campaign pledges when appointing or confirming its members and considering its policy on the award of security franchises by Member States.

We urge the Assembly to provide clarity and decisiveness on the security franchise award with all possible haste and in constructive dialogue with both the Federal Security Council and the Intaki Space Police. In this context, we highlight the constructive role that Syndicate-aligned organisations are already reported as playing among some sections of society in Navyii Akat and beyond.