The Iron Asylum

I am pleased to announce that my plans to open a gym are finally coming to fruition. The required paperwork has been submitted and accepted. Kaalakiota has granted my petition to join as a subsidiary corporation. And though I don’t have future plans to expand into a full blown franchise the State has been gracious enough to trust me with an entry level business venture.

A location in Landfall city, New Caldari Prime has been procured, and renovations have begun!

This is an exciting time for me. And one that has also been challenging. My brush with Federation and their attempts to woo me with all the glittering lights and the promise of hedonism had a strong pull on me. And though I almost defected, I am so grateful that I did not. My time in this wilderness has made me more resilient and the work I’ve had to put in to prove my loyalty to the State has made me stronger. It has been a privilege to earn the trust of the State and the merits that come with this responsibility.

I will continue to post updates as they become relevant.

Thank you.


Congrats, big guy. I’m not much of a gym rat, but who knows, I might pay the place a visit some time.

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Congratulations on your new venture. Good luck!

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This interests me as I’ve been neglecting my physical fitness a bit, I need an excuse to get back into it. I pass though New Caldari Prime often so your gym might be convenient. I will ask you questions about this when I see you on channels next.

Feel free to contact me at anytime!

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Moitteittazuio, Thorne-haani. Perhaps I shall visit to honor your change of heart.

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