The last days of Elite: Dangerous commander Michael Holyland

Online games are both the refuge to lonely souls and the medium in which kindness expresses itself in heartwarming amounts.

I want to share this story on how many strangers rallyed together to deliver happiness to the last days of one of ours who died too young, too ill, and too lonely.

TL;DR: young Elite: Dangerous player Michael, 15, autistic and suffering terminal cancer after 6 years of struggle, had his passion for E:D shared in a tweet which reached out to Frontier Developments and gathered attention and acts of kindness from the company, its collaborators and the community. That made Michael happier than he had been for many time as his body crumbled. Michael didn’t know he was dying; being autistic, there was no way he could cope with that. He still was playing when his breath collapsed and couldn’t recover.

Home of the lonely souls, conveyers of kindness. What a funny litttle thing are the online games we play…


Elite players are some of the kindest nicest folk Ive met.

For The Mug!


Gaming is a form of escapism and everyone is running from their own demons, it’s just that some demons are small and fairly insignificant while others are actually life threatening. It’s weird how the most cut throat PVP MMO’s and sandboxes also, somehow, have the best communities.



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