Elite Dangerous announces space legs

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Yup they are not best programmers but they know to do the job… kudos

Awesome. There are things I really like about both ED & Eve … also things I dislike about both. Ho Hum.

Still this is genuinely interesting, looks like I’ll be investing in a 3rd monitor after all. Meanwhile back to Eve & PoE.

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Maybe I should look into ED after all.

(checks date; not April 1st)


(checks official thread)


(watches trailer)



But, will they include Walking in Stations? In awesome crop top + shorts + heels? :tipping_hand_woman:

(on second thought)

Huh, was that a planet with atmosphere??


Will definitively keep an eye on it.

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nice graphics , that girl is cute S3

So are people in the ED community screaming space barbies and this is not how the game is supposed to be? :grinning:

There are a lot of whiny crybabies in ED, if you think Eve’s forum is bad take a look at ED’s. Jeez, you only have to look at someone a bit funny and it’s like a scene from scanners …

/Generic_ED_Player Points “griefer … Griefer … GRIEFER …”


Elite Dangerous is awesome in its own way but terrible in others, EVE is awesome in its own way but terrible in others. They’re VERY different games.

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Carriers went live today.



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