CCP, we want legs too!

Star Citizen have legs.
Now Odyssey have legs too.

And EVE cut it and doesn’t want give it us back.

We want staion boarding, we want planetary infrastructure assault.

We want our legs back, CCP!!! :rage:


No ass in between?


Coding space legs sounds like actual work so I bet on “never”.


It already was but CCP cut it.


They cut their what off?

Best we can expect from CCP nowadays is a SKIN with “legs” on it.

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Why do you want legs? When did the last time you stick your…:smirk:

It does not fit the game mechanics. There’s absolutely nothing that would require walking in this game. It’d mostly be eye candy and it’d take money to develop.
Elite Dangerous and ScamCitizen are completely different types of games.


I still have legs. I mean I really don’t need them - a brain in a jar of preservative fluid would be a more ideal form, but I gotta admit, I do like legs.

What are we talking about?

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Maybe the OP want something between the legs.

I don’t think CCP can help you with that, to be honest.

Why not? They’ve been giving us the shaft for almost two decades now.


This thread turned into a meme…:rofl:

Id rather have framerate and an unbroken game.

Try again in a month’s time when it works.

This I utterly agree with.

Its wrong that a person can PI and their farms be unburnable.

That is not EvE to me.

What, in EVE? Why do you need framerate in TiDi anyway?

Yeah, seems kinda wrong, it smells like secure stuff…

I agree. There should be a shootable command center in orbit

WiS was great.

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The poster is right, it makes all sense.

Without lower parts we can’t reproduce… WTF CCP?

Where did I come from?

ROFL. I love it. Totally fits.

Dray Cil

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