I came across this article today, it’s not about EVE.

But it speaks volumes about gamers, families, online personas and disabilities.


wrong forum section, should be in “out of pod experience”, imo.

Possibly, and I’m sure someone who’s job it is to decide these things will be along shortly.

We’re gamers, we’re sexy, we’re back …

Very interesting article. Certainly the same sort of thing has happened many times in EvE as in all online games.

I am reminded of Jeremy Tacs an EvE player from long ago who lived a similar story. He made such an impact in new eden that ccp made an npc agent of him after the real player had died.

Also made me think of this guy -


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That was a good one, thanks for sharing.

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Just gonna slide this over to Out of Pod experience. General discussion is more for EVE related topics while OOPE is more for… well, not EVE related things.

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