The Liberation of Floseswin

Oh, I’m not making light of accusations of terrorism. I’m making light of accusations of not being terrorists. Just as I’d find utterly laughable any attempt to claim House Sarum, or indeed, the entire Empire, aren’t themselves terrorists on a much, much larger scale.

Threat of violence against non-combatants in order to advance a socio-political agenda through fear.

Whole worlds full of slaves, living under threat of violence to themselves and their children, unless they toe the line, submit, and go meekly into the grist mills that reduce them, over a lifetime, to so much more fodder.

The bombardment of the slave residential sectors of Kahah III and IV, cheered on by the Empire and actively supported by Empire loyalists in this thread, was not so long ago.

And of course, this thread itself. House Sarum’s attack on Floseswin IV continues, a military assault on civilian populations well before the Amarr grew desperate enough to start lobbing anti-matter weapons of mass destruction at civilians. And why? Because Lord Sarum’s peepee was shriveled when he learned that AmarrMil eggers in his military circuit were making deals with the enemy. So… atrocities, to alter behavior. Terrorism.

So sure. I’ll forgive your lack of appreciation for the gallows humor of those who know that accusations or denials of terrorism by a few dozen capsuleers isn’t even a drop in the bucket of horrors and heinous acts to be laid at the feet of the Amarr. Just don’t expect the Empire to forgive you, if you dare object to whatever form their next assault on the innocent takes.

It would not be my place to object to the will of God or the Empire, nor shall I speak above my station when it comes to matters of Imperial security or the policies of an esteemed Heir.

What I will say, however, is that if you are of the belief that you have been wronged by terroristic acts yourself, then it should be the case that you would not sidestep accusations of your side participating in similar acts. Indeed, perhaps you would even be more sympathetic to such accusations.

At this stage, however, I feel my intervention in this thread has reached the height of it’s usefulness. I will leave this here.

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Ah, there it is. Already, you know you don’t dare. It’s not your place. You mustn’t use that capacity to judge right and wrong that you believe your god gave you. No no, using his gifts would be wrong. It says so, right there in the scriptures that get rammed down your throat by the people in power. The scriptures that just happen to say that the people in power should keep all the power.

As for the accusations… I’m not sidestepping them at all. U’K are terrorists. I don’t see how acknowledging that is ‘sidestepping’ anything. That doesn’t mean I’m sympathetic toward terrorism. But sometimes, I’m sympathetic to those on whose behalf the terrorists act.

Just not when those people are powerful interests with their own armies of terror.

You’re talking about things you don’t understand. This conversation is over.

No, just things you don’t want to admit, especially to yourself.

On whose behalf they claim to act, Ushra’Khan are not contemptible solely because of the tools they use; far more so because they agitate so persistently for the same suffering they claim to answer.

The Royal Heirs do as they must in service of the Empire and the interests of their holdings, this distinguishes them significantly from a non-state actor like Ushra’Khan one built on a foundation of anger and outrage–they need suffering, chaos and above all conflict to sustain their brittle influence, and in my experience are not shy of instigating it when they feel it to be lacking.

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So the Heirs take part in State sanctioned terrorism. A distinction without a difference.

Not what I said, though I am unsurprised you see it that way. The Heirs as I said use what tools they must, but place far, far higher import upon the consequences of their actions, when the custodian of a millennia old legacy, and wishing to see it endure one tends to value stability and order very highly.

Yes, the Royal Heirs do as they must in the service of their own Power. They need suffering, order, and above all the destruction of everyone not themselves. They just want that destruction to be the slow erosion of self, of people, suffering dragged out and inflicted upon generation after generation, until the victims don’t even recognize it, because it’s all they’ve ever known.

So much better.

You mean they place far, far higher import on maintaining their own power and privilege. When one is the beneficiary of a millennias-old legacy, and wishes to see those benefits endure, one does tend to value supporting the continued abuse of ‘lesser’ people… very highly, indeed.

For any confused viewers out there: there are distinct differences between acts of war and terrorism. Sometimes the means and results are similar, but the distinctions exist to differentiate legitimacy and legality.

That said, all war is terror in the visceral sense. What we participate in is a horrific failure of humanity to understand itself and God. I participate in it because I find the alternatives far worse.

Shelling a slave population already isolated within their residential sector isn’t an act of war.

Lobbing anti-matter WMDs from a submarine onto a coastal village that could never have presented any threat to the sub… not an act of war.

Beginning a large-scale military assault on the civilian population of a planet because you don’t like what your own contractors are doing in space? Not an act of war. More like an act of war criminals.

And lending direct aid to an invading interdimentional civilization to conquer a system on its behalf?

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… is grounds for resignation. I told you at the time that I’m only remaining where I am because I won’t abandon those who’ve bled for me while they’re under assault. The war hasn’t ended. When it does, I go home.

And you already knew that.

I see you have not yet left your war criminal petty nation.

Now please, get off your high horse and step in the mud with the rest of us. Hypocrisy is unbecoming of someone so loud.

Yes, that’s what ‘only remaining where I am’ means. Very good, Lord-Consort, you’ve managed to repeat my own statements about myself.

Get off my high horse? What high horse? When have I ever denied that I’m an enabler of monsters? Do you think someone comes through B-R5RB, or M2-XFE with even a single illusion about the scale of loss of life we engender out here? Does anyone imagine the Rage Keepstars managed to get their full crew complements evacuated to safety?

You know better, Aldrith. You know damned well that my willingness to call out your masters’ bloodlust and savagery as the base, craven butchery that it is has nothing to do with hypocrisy. I don’t need to make up any nonsense about being pure, or blameless, or even a decent human being in order to make clear just how much more devastation and destruction of the innocent the hands of your House are bloodied by.

Bloodied… Hah! Your coward leaders practically bathe in it. At least the monsters I work for actually show up on the front lines occassionally. And don’t feed me any of that ‘oh, but Mittens is a capsuleer’ nonsense, either. Jamyl demonstrated just how willing Sarum is to make sure their Heirs get cloned.

Hypocrisy is, indeed, unbecoming, whether loud or not. And your empire reeks of it.

I also see that your pride still makes you no more worth engaging with than before.

Take a moment, step back, and realise that we are one and the same. Your refusal to take that one, simple step causes you great grief, I can tell. Until then.

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Yep. Totally one and the same. That’s why I can publicly disagree with Mittens and say that I think supporting the Trigs in Niarja was short-sighted, foolish, needlessly cruel and thoughtless, and would probably constitute a war crime if, you know, the Empire even cared1. Hell, it even could’ve backfired horribly if TEST hadn’t been completely incompetent and failed to even get people in a fleet to shoot at us.

And the price I pay for that defiance will be…

Yeah, nada. Nothing.

And you… can’t say a single damned thing against Arrach Sarum, because if you do, he might retaliate against even more innocent non-combatants by enslaving your children.

Totally just the same. But hey, if we’re just the same, then you calling me a hypocrite would’ve meant you were calling you one, too, wouldn’t it?

Wanna take a third ineffectual swing here, Aldrith, or you gonna quit while you’re behind?

1. Which, you know, I would have thought they would. I mean, major trade artery, important enough for a big splashy ‘OMG, NIARJAAAAA!!!’ in the Scope and ACN, but actual standings with the Empire? Not a freakin’ twitch. Not so much as a 0.001 point drop. I’ve seen rogue drones give more of a crap about human life than the empires seem to have during the Trig invasion.

All that grief with a grief footnote.

I’ll wait. Not like I have much choice.

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