The Life of a Ship Builder

Numba Wan

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Nicely done! How many hours did you spend in EVE Online this year? (209 for me)


Though keep in mind I’m just one of twenty plus characters who are all logged in pretty regularly.

Edit to answer the following question: Top 5%. Better than I expected it to be.

Second edit: Derp… looked at the wrong character. It’s actually 395 hours and top 6%.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Still impressive! Out of curiosity, where did 499 hours fall in terms of overall % of the player base?

around 1-2% sadly :confused:

just score daily login reward, do some errands or chores and thats it for that day :confused:

Very well done, old sport. You are quite the impressive EVE player!

Would have expected more … from Mr. Epeen and his 20 chars. You should have invested in mass building Hecates. :wink:

The life of a ganker:


Top 0.01%



Please don’t hijack the thread. It’s about Mr Epeen’s accomplishments, not your failures.


Let’s give her a chance to work her magic at least!

95% of my corp is 1% xD

I think maybe Free2play might be messing with the stats :slight_smile:

Only 3 of my account got stats emailed! come on CCP I have another 20 odd stats I wanna see!


Total profit = 26.6 billion per year

Total hours invested = 500 per year

Profit per hour = 52 million per hour


At this rate, Mr Pen will be a trillionaire by 2050!

@Mr_Epeen Congrats on being 350x a isk billionaire. As long as you play there won’t be a shortage of ships, lol.


Someone who hasn’t finished a single day of work in their lifetime like you simply wouldn’t understand the joys of honest labor and creating something with your own two hands.

I’ve never even started a day of work.

Congrats to you. This game isn’t easy by far ( in fact it is hard ) but your record is impressive. I’ll never do one millionth of what you’ve done and do on a regular basis so, from a 99.99 percenter to a 0.01 percenter, I applaud you.

My secret is to get ships cheap from people who think they are getting rich by selling to me.

I think there’s much more to it than that but I like your sense of humour

" This year you spent 1116 hours in EVE Online, which puts you in the top 3 % of all players."

“You got into some fights this year, and proved your mettle with a total of 363 PvP kills. That places you in the top 8 % of all PvP players!”

" New Eden is a vast place, and your exploration this year required a total of 9303 jumps (top 2 % )."

Yay…or something.


So is this the thread in which people wave around and measure Mr Epeen? :thinking:

:smirk: :wink: :innocent: