The like and get likes thread II

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Provocative title is inaccurate. Bottom line of the video is: Get a 4K 120hz ASUS monitor and stop worrying. Or if you’re poor buy this instead.

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The sci-fi short film was great. Where do you find these stuff from? :yum:

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Sci-Fi Short Film “Lunatique” presented by DUST

is from the Fallout 1 Ending (Bad) scene ,
where the mutant literally captures the player, and hangs him over to a Vat.
Sounds funny?
Vats are also used in EVE Online in Rorqual and in Titans.
Additionally, what other system hangs their prey upside down?
I think perhaps Alien, or one the game with the doctor going mad and killing everyone in the game, where the ones chased can escape the map instead.
I don’t remember that part exactly, but I think it’s taken from that.
Other than that, bats sleep hanging upside down, like that.
I think there are a few other systems doing that to their captured target or enemy.

Anyways, that green Vat is a chemical process in which the humans dipped in it, evolved into a mutant, by affecting their system, nervous, and other.
Mutants are some form of creature which are changed, and their metabolism is related to radio-active environment.

DUST is a film project

DUST is the first multi-platform destination for binge watchable sci-fi. We feature science fiction short films and other content from emerging filmmakers with stunning visual effects, captivating plots and complex character explorations. Robots, aliens, space exploration, technology, and human experience are all a part of DUST.

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If an illegal immigrant gets into a fight with a sex offender…is that Alien vs. Predator?

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Even a legal immigrant is an Alien, it’s better be good, I can see a lot of (text was changed without my control) fake sex offender caused by those dealing with those aliens, and those who should be, and are instead allowed to mislead others into it, the exact same way as supposed to be dealing with those aliens mislead others.

It’s not the job of the judge to sort the mess out, the prosecution also has to do their fair part.
They can’t just get away with miscommunication and misleading and think it’s ok because the UN deemed it was right, when and if it was wrong.

Deceit is as evil does.

It’s the same for if you have to get married and they decide to impede, because it’s part of their system .

They also claim they do nothing wrong, & try to forfeit evidence to prove that they do no wrong, regardless of the obvious misrepresentation this causes by omitting critical facts.

Nonetheless, Aliens can be both legal or illegal while sex offender are not necessarily predators.
It’s nonetheless used for political ends in certain cases, even if it is done wrong.
It can also be used for psychological warfare, even if misinterpreted to incite hatred although that it another crime which would be committed by the authorities if they are being misled into it.

I do copyright works on that since I am engaged with a foreigner and have to get a new citizenship due to political conflicts, which, is better not to publish here.

One more reason I do have to copyright this, is because, due to the corruption of files, attempt to forfeit and seek to forfeit, I do need the scientific evidence provided by copyright registration and it can be used for patents.
I work on designing patents to actually improve copyright registration, since I was not only witness of interference against this for work, but also saw inteference against job search, by parties trying to make money by controlling this.
Of course it does conflict against them, and they try to prosecute me, and the legal conflict is real, but they are however wrong.

I also do this for those I care for, since they would have no means to protect themselves against attacks created against this.

They try to cause social problems and unrest, and cover it.
There is a case about this in North Korea before the last diplomatic relations.
The victim mentioned they did this and it was nothing.

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Time to go to bed. Last weekend of holidays, guess I better start up the routine… :sleeping:

Nighties lovelies!

Also: oh the crazy, crazy stuff some people do…

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They do it on purpose to corrupt instead of taking people’s intention as good.

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Timezone everyone. :kissing_heart:

I had a strange dream. There were some humanooidal creatures, but not humans, dressed in long black robes, they were standing on empty ground, stones everywhere only, dark sky with stars, then mountains rose in waves, I felt I was the mountains, earth that was my skin started waving like ocean, fire was falling from the sky, mountains like my flesh burned, but it was not hurting. Then strange colorful wind came and singed some music and water in huge waves sink everything, like a sweat covering my body. Then it was at last calm, and sun started shining, but the water became colorful like wind. Then I saw a land far away where trees were growing and I felt the trees growing, like they would be my hair. And I have seen again the same creatures that were not humans. And then I woke up relaxed and with a feeling that something great and important happened. :thinking:

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Is EVE Dangerous? Certainly it is…

Not even Chat is safe from sudden death! :scream:

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Your dreams are quite… colorful. Mine are just weird. :woman_shrugging:

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I had a feeling that these creatures were quite threatening tho, but not evil. And I felt they had some impact on what was happening. I have felt their intentions and these were grand. There was something mystical to them. I think one could call them… angels? :thinking:

At one time when water started flooding everything I have seen one that looked like he was behind the waves in the water.

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Maybe they were there to judge you? Thus they would be not evil but anyway they could pose a threat based on how did they judge you, like a strict parent.

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If they were there to judge, I dont think they were judging me. I had no power and was like only observing things, like a thing that is shaped. It was not about me I think. About everything else. The world.

Maybe personifications of physics that rule the world.

Now I think I could call them Photon, Boson, Electron, Meson and so on. :laughing:

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Wel, if I ever dream with elementary particles, I will ask them whether they hang around your dreams. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: