The like and get likes thread II

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Weird. Here’s a different weird, pulsar sounds:

And a pulsar song featuring pulsar pulses:

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And now yes, it’s beddy time for me. Nighties lovelies!

Also: “vehicles only” has different meanings in Russian…

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Wow, some are really fast, crazy.

I made some renders in blender again, this time earth. Two versions. From future and now. Stars are not visible because photos look that way, because of short exposure time, that is how photography works, the earth is too bright for stars to be visible on photos.

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Why is there no water visible on the surface after 1 billion years in future?

Maybe it’s because of all the non-sense I keep making all the time according to you , and which causes me to get other doctors from another system for my family due to those acts of war against us, endangering our lives and health.

I wouldn’t be surprised they tried to surprise us and try to coerce us in being sex offenders according to their definitions.
They can’t get many of their definitions right anyways, it would not make any difference.
Good thing I have the perfect mental training against this since 1983.

It’s apparently used for the same communications even without hiring private investigator to gather evidence, if it is at all worth it even 10 percent or 3 percent as much.

I really don’t think the PI would gather evidence or work on fact finding for the courts, since he’d have to bring that to another legal system, since that is already more than obvious why and how.

You were not prepared.!.

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And now this will be interesting…

Oxygen gets in, carbon dioxide gets out carrying away carbon from your body mass. Turn some of the boring carbon 12 in your food into carbon 13 with help from your nuclear laboratory and things are bound to become interesting…

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Hmm, we lose waight every second. Our body have to burn calories to stay warm. If somebody will stop eating and will drink only some water the body will have to get the energy from somewhere. Like fat preferably. But it makes people very hungry.

I imagine its like some tribes or like in those animated french series about health, muscles battle with fat cells for more food hehe.

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For good systems analysis and design methods skills, the reporting structure is very important.
It is what is required for contracts, and, when those are attacked , authorities can get involved, up to and not limited to, military police and interpol.

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It’s an actual biochemical reaction in the blood which causes an imbalance with the normal function of sugar / fat in the blood and system.

It may be the same with lower food consumption, although I am not sure by how much it would change.

Someone who tests his sugar level and diets to keep his “allowed” levels under the limit will not see the toxic effect of being over his limit, which limit is lower than a more normal person.
60% of people is also more than normal if 50% of those people makes the normal.
60% of people being abnormal means that the rest of the global population don’t have that problem, or that they are not in that condition.

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And now, for a bloody sad (or sad bloody) story…

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Tomorrow i’m back to work. Booh. I guess that routine will set in and will be back for another 11 months until next year, God willing. Now i’m off to bed and say: nighties lovelies!

Also: SFW Oglaf

That’s some crazy sleeping lady…

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Good morning LAGLers! Good start on my first day back, my bus is missing and I’m waiting for the next one which is lagging… So I’ll be late to work. Hoozzah!

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R.I.P. Bill Godbout, 79

Bill Godbout, a legend in the S-100 community for his 1970s-1980s work at Godbout Electronics and CompuPro, perished November 8 due to the Camp wildfire in Concow, California. He was 79.

Godbout was an important advocate for the industry-standard S-100 bus in its early days, as well as being a parts supplier for electronic music projects, according to 1970s microcomputing expert Herb Johnson.

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Two words: square poop.

Sh*t just got interesting.

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Kaido racer style tuning from 80’s Japan. :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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That is whole planet to be raced on in Star Citizen. I wonder in what time one could make full circle around it. :thinking:

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Frankly, I wonder at which point Star Ctizen stopped being a spaceship simulator to become a planet simulator… what are they even attempting to do? :woman_shrugging: