The like and get likes thread II

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that actually reminds me of my favorite feature of SwiftKey.

especially with that rotten attitude and the vagabond needs more range of motion to get out there who are not the same as the situation at least I can do it for a few years since we were in my opinion that you have a great way of getting to be honest with me on my way to go back and I am not a problem for the first one to two weeks of age or older in the morning to see the attachment to animals in a game as the fault of someone else.

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Its Free Star Citizen week! Yeeeey! \:relaxed:/

Will now have oportunity to test some stuff for free, fly in the game, watch the planet, make screenshoots :relaxed:

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Q&A 72: Escaping an Extinction Event and More…


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Fraser Cain
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Then I will wait for Nana screenshots (without Nana because they still don’t have girls, I suppose).

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This is one of the best explosion scenes ever. Period.

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Its 30 Gigs or download of files. Its a lot and will be some time until its downloaded.

 ││_☻/_│_[\_  <-- ice cream van 
~╘═〇═══╧═〇╛     just arrived

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Ah, such a large download. Hope you have some time to actually try it!

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Its free 23-30 this month. So a lot of time.

That explosion looked really impressive. I dont know what they used to make it but it sure was done with care. :ok_hand:

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And now, i’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: it has its own soundtrack, but all I was hearing while watchign this awesoem timelapse was Daft Punk’s “Around the world”

Notice how the solar panels turn to keep aligned toward the sun, and then go into “night glider” mode (parallel to the travel direction) on the dark side of Earth to limit friction with the scatter mollecules up there. Also on the second orbit it passes over Spain… I could locate Barcelona using the Llobregat delta as reference but the city itself is not visible, it was cloudy over there. :expressionless:

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Nini o/

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Nini Nana! :sleeping:

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yay ice cream. maybe I should have gotten myself some after finishing with the streaming and casting of the Israeli quake tournament (which technically was yesterday in my TZ). if anyone likes to watch esports, you can find VODs of the event on my twitch channel - ChroniclesOfCRISS. (please do excuse the hiccups and mistakes tho)

as for SC, sadly it has outgrown the confines of my SSD and I’m procrastinating with buying another one so no SC for me for a while. regardless, I’ve bought myself an Arrow for future use. that little bugger looks like loads of fun.


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Good night, lovelies. :heart:

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as long as it’s not the ghost of Michael Jackson.

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So I played the game Star Citizen, and I dont have much rum left, I mean ram left while playing. 16 gigs of ram with hdd is not playable inside city. It stals and flow of game is gradually worse as RAM is fully utilized. :pensive:

Also I thought that more items will be interactable everywhere, like dispenser machines or stuff like that. Graphics with music is very good, spaceships fly rather good already, animations have some bad sliding while you stop from walking or it looks unnatural while running very fast. NPCs are walking everywhere but they dont speak with each other, no dialog lines between them. I picked up flight controls very fast, but there were times I really did not know what to push and why, I did not crash spaceship even once. Mixed feelings altogether. Would play it maybe in few years when most of the kinks will be smoothed out and I will get some better computer.

Also there are bugs of all sorts everyehere, so many I did not spend even one minute probably without some glitch or strange game or graphics engine behavior. :scream:

Nice white armor. :ok_hand:

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It’s very alpha and they’re years away from anything ressembling completion. But they’re in a race with time which they can’t win. They don’t have a 200 million game. They don't even have a game nor anything ressembling a game 4 years after beginning. Sooner or later players who spent hundreds and thousands of euros on ships will ask to have them "now" and will realize they're years and milllions upon millions of dollars away from having those ships. Because the sad truth is that CR wasted 120 million doing and undoing and spending on unnecessary expenses. :woman_shrugging:

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And now I’m off to bed. There’s some clouds in the horizon at my job and I don’t know what will they bring, which is uncomfortable as I need time to ready my emotions and my mind for sudden negative changes, else I might fall back to toxic mental habits and make a mess out of it. A depressive person never stops being depressive. :thinking:

Nighties lovelies!

Also: less than 24 hours to Mars InSight’s 7 minutes of terror…