The like and get likes thread II

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Beddy time for me… so I say: nighties lovelies!

Also: how about flying propelled by an ion drive?

Might not be practical for large aircraft, but the drones thing sounds about as reasonable as anything involving 40,000 volts of differential is…

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$400,000, Black Friday sale $373k.

1 hour ago.

Elon Musk’s crazy predictions for the year 2067

22 hours ago, 65k views
2.2k Youtube thumbs up, 94 Youtube thumbs down

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Good morning LAGLers! Apparently I’ve adopted a stray cold walking alone on the streets and waiting for meet the right owner… funny how infections work, just leaving home and meeting some strangers is enough. :neutral_face:

(lilsteel) #4942

You can also get it from the air.
The virus doesn’t have to get passed from a bio-hazard contact with a human.
It can also be conveyed from something a hand touched and enter in contact with your system.
I have chronic bronchitis since 1973 and will die with it.
The good part is that I can smoke and not get side-effects from it since the chronic bronchitis is always worst.
The bad part is that smoking makes it even worst.

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I wonder what will that probe actually dig up on that Mars. :thinking:

I would try to send army of robots that would multiply, would start building more of them from the soil, and would make caves in surface, consuming rocks and turning them into more of those robots. And then caves could be used by humans too. Silicon life preparing ground for human. :woman_mechanic:

Timezone everyone. :kissing_heart:

(lilsteel) #4944

It can also help when the robots stop building robots when you tell them to stop to build robots because that they would exhaust the resources and the robots would have nothing to do but to be assigned to tasks and duties which are useless because of redundancy.
Not to mention the additional military target.

compared to the
127.0913277052955 seconds.
126.5822784810127 seconds.
I arrived to from calculation which equation variable are still not verified properly, because the numbers almost matched and it was faster to achieve the conclusion than to do it more properly for now.
From mining Immaculate Jaspet with Jaspet Mining Crystal I.

Good for weapons cache 2.

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Hello and good night, lovelies. :heart:

The link below is Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s CV:

When you open the source code of the page, you can see he was like every other human too:

(lilsteel) #4946

You know, people shouldn’t rely too much on resume’s or CVs when there are more important opportunities to be had and problems to solve.

It’s like saying, people shouldn’t investigate something wrong, because most see it as criminal to investigate it, while the victims of the fact which would be investigated are left without support.
It’s not surprising they also try to make those incriminated or indicted to be without support, the same way they don’t want them to investigate wrong doing.

To rely too much on resume and CV would create problems, and possibly too much problems, instead of being used to take proper advantage of the potential opportunities from CV and resumes, when there are other more important opportunities.

Of course, it may be easier for someone with a Computer science degree or information systems analysis to find, since they do this for work, and can get paid for it, but there is a lot of competition from other sources, who would get less benefit from the system being analysed like this, and may risk to lose their income they use for their house and kids.

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YEAHH!!! The ultimate tune to listen to while playing Eve.

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Beddy time has come. So I say, nighties lovelies!

Also: the giant Chicago hole it’s the kind of thing that future archeologists would wonder about…

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Bonus track: Tail of the Dragon (a scenic drive with 318 curves in 18 km) seen through the eyes of a Tesla in a 360º video

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I just forgot to say it’s an awesome tune. so I say it now. :grin:

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Also, good morning LAGLers!


Churros and hot chocolate. This is the traditional instant diabetes breakfast in Spain, specially in winter. I wish I could have one today… :yum:

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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

Today I look forward to the day. Everything will be alright.

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Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

I always listen to Electric Light Orchestra - “Out Of The Blue” and “Time” albums if I am in a mood to romantically think about future. :relaxed:

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I like those alternative graphics displaying how the earth really looks. :ok_hand:

(Yiole Gionglao) #4956

Admittedly i’m a bit thick today with my pesky cold, but i’m not making any sense of that scheme. Do they claim we live inside a hollow Earth? Or are we outside? Anyway here’s another senseless pic:

Queen Letizia of Spain eventually has worn the seventh and last tiara in the royal jewels that she hadn’t worn yet. These tiaras belong to a set of jewels called “joyas de pasar” (jewels to be passed) meaning that they don’t belong to the Queen but to the royal jewels; they’re used by the Queen and may be borrowed to members of the royal family but never belong to any individual.

At least one thing can be said about our King of Spain; he married a beautiful woman to make her Queen. :thinking:

(Nana Skalski) #4957

We live outside, there are only small passages to the inside, located in both north and south polar regions.

UFOs fly from inside the Earth.

(lilsteel) #4958

We get the same thing with our family name and some of our property, but some wise entity is trying to interfere against that.

They also hope that we can’t communicate it so that they can claim it because of how they want to control the right to associate and to marginalize.

Hopefully, it’s not in Spain. That is more political.

We can actually build shelters inside the earth and under water to survive many cataclysm on earth.
It’s not only good for nuclear warfare and nuclear winter scenarios.
The same can be done on the moon , although robots are better to dig spaces and levels for us to use as space storage there.

What do you think my future child should take for military training to help protect against this kind of behavior against them?