The like and get likes thread II

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We learn from our mistakes… or not. :upside_down_face:

The Biggest IT Failures of 2018

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Good night lovelies. :heart:

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Who even though its a good idea? :joy:

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That concept is lacking a second thought. Or more. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway i’m off to bed now. Nighties lovelies!

Also: the “tram dilemma” meets real people and the world’s veredict is…

…save all toddlers and kill all cats! :rofl:

(I think that probably people just thinks that a cat haves a greater chance to avoid a moving vehicle)

(Now seriously, worlwide consensus favors human over animals, many people over single individuals and younger people over older people, albeit some regional differences show and in some places they’d rather save the elder than the younger -again, maybe thinking about their chances to avoid being run over)

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I wonder now how will AI know how old are people in these situations and if they are criminals or not. And what about non classified objects or people? This ethics seems to not work from beginning.

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If they are criminals or not also doesn’t include why they are criminals or if they are badly incriminated.
What if they are incriminated due to acts of war caused by people who illegally team up together and cause this to happen ?
Older people can pay for 1,000 or 1 million people while the reverse is less likely, not to mention they may have won wars, peace, gone to the moon and back and so on.
In other words, to make false assumption based on false precept, inference, assumption, presumption, pretense is highly likely to lead to equally equivalent results.
The same is true for the extremes of those situations being equal to the equality.

If the courts fool the program, anti-fraud insurance mechanism, and still get attacked by enemy and cause them to infiltrate top trade center security more than 2 times the exact same way, what are the odds they will try to make money and fool AI?

Of course, I’m not saying AI is not able to detect them doing it, and record it and charge them for it, but still…
Some people think they can get away lying about history and that it won’t hit them back in the back or in the face when judgment day comes around.

Of course abusing AI can lead to acts of war and nuclear warfare, but who are those guys in power to know?
Most guys getting paid and sharing security with one another have very limited scope for ethics and couldn’t detect if 109% of abuse occurred if they were paid 1 million to detect it, even though they are and have been.
Greed can blind many a good soul.


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Timezone lovelies. :heart:

Today I’ll make dank ISK.

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Well, the criminals thing refers to jaywalking, that is, people crossing street out of the allowed spaces or just walking on the pavement cars be damned (which in many countries is exactly what everyone and their neighbor does).

It’s a delicate matter if they just started coding AI to run over southern Europeans, all Asians but Japanese and most middle Eastern and African… :rofl:

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You can “jaywalk” if someone is trying to kill you, or, rather, murder you, and you run across the street to save your life, or someone else’s life, in emergency.
Now, of course, you can run into oncoming traffic, that doesn’t make you a criminal, but they may kill you in accident.

Here, we have cars driving over the sidewalk chopping people down, kind of Carmageddon .

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And by the way, has anyone noticed whether Google is becoming dumber? There was a time when it could interpretate natural language, but for some time now it’s taking things stupidly literally, at least in Spanish. It’s like you ask about “raining cats and dogs” and Google answers with weather forecasts and raincoats…

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Google is way smarter than Siri. At least we have that. Back when I had my iPod Touch, I would ask Siri “Who is x?” and it would answer correctly but when I asked “how tall is she?”, Siri would be borked and have no idea who I was talking about.

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This could’ve been me, if I didn’t love hamburgers so much. :yum:

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Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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I am joking of course. Even though I love hamburgers, I am getting slimmer each day despite of eating them so often. I’m serious. My ultimate goal is:


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Fat cells and muscle cells compete for calories. Thus developing muscle adds energy consumption and leaves less available for fat to store. Protein helps the body to build muscles.

So fatless meat is a good food to develop muscle. When I eat burguers, they’re mixed pig/beef, and each now and then I eat turkey and chicken burguers (which I don’t really like, tbh). I’ve even considered vegetal burguers but they’re outrageously expensive for something you’ll end up crapping…

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I at vegetables raw mostly. Like they are were used to be eaten for millions of years before us. I like tomatos and paprica the most. :yum:

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Its time to bring back the whip!

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Happy News