The like and get likes thread II

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Beddy time… December 26th is also a holiday and we’ll keep eating what was left from today. And also on the 27th and 28th and maybe the 29th… :sweat_smile:

Nighties lovelies!

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For me its a month of stuffing myself with sweets I see, I think I will go ride some stationary bicycle downstairs…

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Hope Santa / Satan was good to you all o7

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Sister Wendy Beckett, TV art historian, dies at 88(BBC News)
Sister Wendy Beckett, Nun Who Became a BBC Star, Dies at 88(NYT)

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Not a lot of sweets and chocolate, but we’ve had good eat today. And tomorrow. And the next, I’ve taken the meat with me and now it’s in my fridge. :yum:

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Beddy time for me… tomorrow i’m going to work, after 5 days not doing it. dunno whether I’ll remember how it’s done, heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nighties lovelies!

Also: this clock totally favors form over function, but it’s cool…

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Timezone lovelies :heart:

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Too bad it isnt the little robot that follows you and functions as a smartfone additionally, as these have actually replaced clocks for people I have seen around me.

Timezone everyone :kissing_heart:

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Timex Sinclair 1000 User Manual
Instruction Manual
with all the Timex BASIC High-level programming language code,
including the PEEK and POKE commands which lets you control the EPROM, and reprogram the hardware to accomplish different tasks,
like, fix the Kobayashi Maru.

By the way, EVE Online does use the exact same red icon as the old Star Trek program where the Enterprise goes into Klingon territory in a no-win scenario, and the only way to win it is to hack the system or computer program or both.

Time left:
Time left:17d 01h 13/1, 11:22

US $22.99
Approximately C $31.28

16 GB unit expansion module,
“Untested, power adapter is missing and cannot test. SOLD AS IS”

Time left:
Time left:25d 00h 21/1, 10:32

US $39.99 What does this price mean?
You save:
US $2.00 (5% off)

US $37.99
Approximately C $51.68

30-day returns
Longtime member

The Datalink line was introduced in 1994 and it was co-developed with Microsoft as a wearable alternative to mainstream PDAs with additional attributes such as water resistance, that PDAs lacked, and easy programmability.[5] The watch was demonstrated by Bill Gates on 21 June 1994 in a presentation where he downloaded information from a computer monitor using bars of light and then showed to the audience the downloaded appointments and other data.[6]

Wireless data transfer mode

Optical sensor

The watch had a small lens at the top of its face used for data transmission by visible light.[5][20] Data was transmitted from the CRT of the computer through a series of pulsating horizontal bars,[21][22] that were focused by the lens and written to the watch EEPROM memory through an optoelectronic transducer operating in the visible lightspectrum and employing optical scanning technology.[23][24]

The CRT synchronization was possible only for systems operating on Windows 95 and Windows 98. The watch was compatible with Microsoft’s Schedule+ time management software. For the Datalink 70 model, the time needed to download seventy phone numbers was about twenty seconds.[21][25]

Earlier models of the Datalink series

At the time of their introduction, these watches were known as “PIM” watches, i.e. personal information managers.[30] Bill Gates was known as an owner of one,[30] and had also shown the capabilities of the watch on television.[31] The Datalink 150 was also offered as a mail-in gift upon purchase of Office 95.[3]

Timex Datalink USB


Another application called Antikythera emulates some of the functions of the Antikythera mechanism by calculating the phase of the moon. It is accurate to within one day in 500 years. In the future, it will also be able to calculate the sun’s position in the zodiac and upcoming eclipses.[40]

The model 150 with steel bracelet (model 69737) in PC-communication mode. The optical sensor is clearly visible at 12 o’ clock on the face of the watch. The Microsoft logo is also visible. The wave pattern below the Microsoft logo indicates that the watch is water resistant. The leather strap version of the watch (model 69721) was worn by commander William Shepherd during Expedition 1 and cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, Expedition 14, on the ISS.


Time left:
Time left:28d 16h 25/1, 3:01

US $780.00
Approximately C $1,061.15
CASIO - Cassiopeia
User Hardware Manual
This is the A-11 if I didn’t have the E-10.
It was $1,000 brand new, I got it for around 30% (maybe 20% or 15%),
before 1 part went missing.
I then returned it to its original owner.

I’m looking for the Windows CE 1.0 manual which has the info on the Timex watch compatible with it for data synchronization.
I’m not sure if it’s the project management programs that are compatible with it or if it’s some other data that are compatible with it for data links.

It seems the model(s) listed above were for other OS than the Windows CE.

I think I may be able to find it if I buy it again.
This apparently lets me install Windows CE with DOS, Windows and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), but it’s not what I was looking for, even though it is more powerful than what I was(/am) looking for.

It includes Enterprise Networking

The Visara provides simultaneous terminal
emulation capabilities for network connection to most host environments
including IBM S/390, AS/400, RS/6000 as well as HP, DEC and other
ASCII hosts.

which would be the watches.

This one is to install the OS on new hardware devices, or chips.
Still not what I’m looking for.

The purpose of this document is to provide users of FTDI chips with a simple procedure for
installing drivers for their devices on PDAs and targets running Windows CE 4.2 and later.
Also is not Windows CE 1.0 (1.01).

Oh yes, and I didn’t have the cradle, that was another $100 to $300, and made it impossible to use the internet witgout draining the AA batteries after a few seconds, just enough to send an email without comments, to the proper address, if input quickly.
That part worked, though, it would be more for intelligence purpose at that rate.
It also was not an A-11, but the E-10, not E-11.

No, I think it was an A-11. Just some of my keys had a blue written function at the top.
So, I would need the CR-A10 cradle, which serves as a power supply.
The batteries are good enough for 2 to 3 hours without recharging, and they recommend not using rechargeable batteries, even though that works.

It has Pocket Excel 1.0 and it works for spreadsheet and updating budget expenses and incomes for business.
You can also load spreadsheets programs and spreadsheets files into it.
It also has Pocket Word 1.0.
This maybe is one of the closest to the Original Microsoft Windows CE 1.0 (1.01 Japanese Support before the 1.01 date 1997) manual.

I think I had WinCE Professional or part of it upgraded, since I had the Web Browser (Internet Explorer), and I didn’t have Word pad text editor, I had to use Pocket Word for that.
I did have the PC Connection, which allowed me to transfer data to/from the device to a desktop since the Handheld Windows CE 1.0 device also was a Handheld PC (Personal Computer).

I did not have partition properties set up on the internal storage system.

This one is cheesy, to log-in to the IBM BBS with a Timex 1000, or set up some BBS.

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  • +C $13.60 shipping

Please do not try that on your cell phone or cable modem, we really don’t like that.
It just runs too fast and it causes problems.

Windows CE 1.00 (Handheld PC 1.0)

Yeah, it broke down, there was a monitor problem.

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It those red pentagons / triangles in the overview.


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And now, off to bed. it’s been a busy day at work, actually, and I’ve been WoWsing seriously after dinner. Nighties lovelies!

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Good night :sleepy::sleeping:

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Good morning, lovelies. :heart:

I couldn’t sleep,counting electric sheep. I wish my sleep was deep. :sleeping:

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Some hacker crashed my game in GTAO. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Spawned a lot of stuff while I was inside bunker. Nowhere is safe from them!!! :scream:
CCP should do something with it. I mean Rockstar, Rockstar should do something with it. :sweat_smile:

Timezone everyone. :kissing_heart:

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Meanwhile, in Warframe:

And in Star Citizen:

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Those are the 2 manuals I was looking for.
The Microsoft Handheld PC User’s Guide
Microsoft Windows CE

and the
Microsoft Windows CE
The Handheld PC

The PCMCIA modem is the one that worked to send an email routing (data) source data with time stamp with 2 full AA batteries draining in 5 seconds or less from full to empty.
RS232 Serial: None X
Although the device did come with an RS232 Serial adapter, which connected onto the (data) connector cable, which did have another adapter on it as well, as they were interchangeable.

Moar Plug ‘n’ Pray.

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its a mask.

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Yes, yes, that’s what I’m talking about.