The Like and Get Likes thread III

Another day, another temporary farewell… night night lovelies!

Also: you say so…?

So far the only thing improved around Boeing has been the grim amusement provided by everything surfacing as being wrong with Boeing in general and specially the Charlotte assembly plant from hell (as in, in recents news, faking inspections of the linkage between wings and body, because… reasons?).


…sudden track attack by courtesy of Ishtanchuk…

Tangerine Dream - Cottage (from “Legend” OST, 1986)

…and now i’m off to bed. Night night lovelies!


Sudden track attack! Run for cover!





…so I guess that when a starfish is puzzled, it can’t scratch its head? :thinking:

And now I’m off to bed. Night night lovelies!

Also: there are several layers of WTF here…

It’s censored all the way to above and beyond YT policies so it’s safe for watching but… WTF?? I mean… sh¡t happens! And it would be trivial to just do the right thing and unite around a tragedy but no, they will rather go overboard with censorship and reach ultimate WTFakery because of… image concerns??


Everyone having a nice weekend?


I’m having an absolutely fantastic weekend, ISD Kai. I hope you are having a great one, too!
Yesterday, early in the morning I took a train to a somewhat distant city that I’ve never been to before and visited several places and museums there across the city. Then, I returned back home near evening.

Being and travelling in an unknown environment was the best feeling ever, it felt ECSTATIC! :smiling_face:


Thats similar to my plan this year. Several parts of my state has some locations i been wanting to go to.


Yup, being at home since saturday evening and tomorrow my city holds a local holiday so I won’t be going to work and will be able to stay at home and maybe sleep late. Then tuesday we’ll have a shitton of backlogged work but well, that will be a matter for Tuesday.

It’s funny how childhood shape our perception… my idea of a holiday is being free to choose to stay at home without being expected or forced to leave it to do some stuff I don’t want to do, in places I don’t want to go, at times where I would rather be elsewhere. During the Covid confinements, i stayed at home for 9 days before feeling a wish to step on the streets… and part of that wish was a craving for freshly baked croissants. :sweat_smile:

And now i’m off to bed. Night night lovelies!

Also: a playlist of some 3,000 free & legal full films available on YouTube and curated for good video quality

Some films may be country-locked and YT won’t show them, but other than that, if any of you is into films and stuff, this is a worthy link to bookmark.