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Time to go to sleep for me… nighties lovelies!

Also: Mars helicopter aka Ingenuity also made it to the surface and si working as intended, sitll attached to Perseverance

Its first flight should be anytime between Sol 30 and 60 of the mission. This won’t the first time we fly stuff on another planet (the URSS sent two balloon probes to Venus) but will be the first flight of a heavier than air machine from the surface of Mars.


I watched it giving my full attention while watching. :flushed:
I understand the rover but why do we need a helicopter on Mars? What does it do? What is its purpose?

Timezone lovelies. :heart:
Live long and prosper. :vulcan_salute:


The helicopter is to help the rover scout.

It’s a scout for the scout, to scout for places that the rover can’t go due to soil problems.

Other Rover’s wheels broke, so, this is a solution to that problem.

I suggested other method for the helicopter to fly, however,
it was not possible to implement variations of them yet.

It would allow the device to fly with less energy,
at the increased risk of failure in certain conditions.

Additionally, it would require installing modules to it which may not always be on the device.

Nonetheless, once the automation on Mars will be advanced and efficient enough to solve that problem then, it will be possible for it to be done.

It would be easier in certain conditions, while, risk would be increased in other conditions.

One concern was how to solve the problem of a potential crash in case the balloon would have a problem and malfunction or , be broken?

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#science #climate #education

What’s Up with the Ozone Layer?

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Perseverance’s descent hardware seen on Martian surface by orbiter

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Well, this tiny helicopter is a proof of concept. It has limited instruments and lifespan, but if it works the plan is to have flying assistants for the rovers, so they can scout the terrain ahead, inspect sites before actually sending the rover and pick and deliver samples. Actually, Perseverance will drop some samples at specific places and a later mission will land a rover, fly to the sample sites, retrieve the samples and place them in a return vehicle that will launch from Mars and bring those samples to Earth.

Pretty crazy stuff, but doable if we’re able to fly Ingenuity on Mars (driving a rover to the sample sites would be too slow and complex, flying is the way to go).

And now I’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: ice breaks in a whole sheet at lake Michigan…

That’s technically an iceberg… :thinking:


This Helicopter Is Now On Mars!

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70 percent the speed of sound.
However, the speed sound may be different on Mars too,
and need to be measured.

Designed to fly up to 90 seconds at a time.

The balloons would solve that timing problem.
However, there would be risk the balloons malfunction, but so is there risk the helicopter will fail in dust storm.

Then, there is the issue that USSR did that before,
and that they don’t want Intellectual Property issues with it.
However, they rather cause intellectual property issues with their own different intellectual property.

2. - 6 hours later at 09:01 Thu Feb 25, 2021:
Knowledge and studies of information systems is not designed to
abuse knowledge,
to abuse others with knowledge.

It’s not good to abuse others,
falsification of reports about those trying to abuse others by making them seem as if they are causing problems to others,
so as to cover their own actions,
is also abusive to others, and,
not a good and fair use of information systems,
their related knowledge gained from those information systems,
falsification of report about knowledge from practical facts, and experience.

to try to abuse others by lack of information,
by trying to justify to interfere against knowledge,
by trying to impose a lack of knowledge against others,
while interfering against the communication of that knowledge,
interfering against that knowledge itself,
by propagating lack of knowledge,
against that knowledge,
and in opposition and adversity against it,
is also not good, and,
in certain cases,
indictable for life.

I won’t go into the parts about those who are perpetually bound by secrecy,
also related to Public Works,
and how people make falsification of those report as well.

the best time to attack someone with an information system,
is when there is war caused due to abuse of facts and other problems.

Then, jet fighters designed by systems designers and analyst are organized to attack those abusing their information systems.


BAISC History…


6 minutes ago from my iPhone

Infrastructure Health &
Safety Association


Today I learned two things.

One is that the letters salad for gender identity has become in its latest installment “LGBTQIA+”.
And then that some people (as in, there’s always a 10% of weirdos in every collective, and some are 10% of the 10% from the 10%) are claiming to remove the “B” because according to them, there are more than two gender identities and “bisexual” implies that there are only two. Bisexual in modern gender lingo means “attracted by two or more genders”, but those 10% of 10% of 10% disagree and claim to “drop the B”.

Every extremist collective eventually self-destroys and implodes when the internal debate steeps down to who is the truest extremist. And as usual, there’s a good dose of US Americans overthinking sex.

And now I’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: China’s probe Tianwen-1 is in its first working orbit and will start observations soon

The probe’s rover will be deployed sometime around may or june, to land at Utopia Planitia on a location based on data gathered by the orbiter.


Discrimination is not about accepting crime and abusing those people who are good and against crime, which discrimination is a crime.

It is also not about making falsification of report of what is good.

This can inevitably lead to problems and seek to justify falsification of reports which is deceitful.

They try to use encryption & imposition of lack of knowledge to incriminate innocents instead of using encryption to prevent those same innocents who they falsely accuse to be doing crimes by being mislead & try to sell them lawyer services by falsification of report & software to divert from their action & attack to incriminate.


If they would want to be correct they should include T like in Trisexuals, Q for Quadsexuals and so on and so on, and then ∞ for ∞sexuals.

Or just go with _-sexuals because its just too boring to say all of those letters. :yawning_face:


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F-22 flat spin

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Elon Musk Says We Need Just 10 000 Missiles To Terraform Mars

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Good morn-afternooning lovelies. :heart:

That is doable, I think. But I really expect the Perseverance to use its detector for microorganisms to detect life on Mars real soon.


Sure it will be older than the life we can bring there.

But yes, we can put life on Mars,
also in bacterial form,
as another entity put our life on Earth,
be it a scientific entity or a good scientific entity.

We can also build Tardigrades habitat so they can survive on Mars longer,
and, reproduce.


Tardigrades are microscopic eight-legged animals that have been to outer space and would likely survive the apocalypse.

They look like adorable miniature bears.

Around 1,300 species of tardigrades are found worldwide. › tardigrades-water-bears
Tardigrade, facts and photos - National Geographic

Not Tardis...

tardigrades reproduction

Tardigrades reproduce through sexual and asexual reproduction,
depending on the species.

They lay one to 30 eggs at a time.

During sexual reproduction,
the female will lay the eggs and the males will fertilize them.

In asexual reproduction,
the female will lay the eggs and then they will develop without fertilization.
~ Jul. 14, 2017 › 57985-tardigrade-facts
Facts About Tardigrades | Live Science

How do Tardigrades die?

These microanimals,
which live in both fresh and salt water,
are famous for their ability to survive extremes that would kill other organisms.

But new research finds that the creatures rapidly wilt under heat.

Water temperatures of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius) can kill tardigrades in only a day.
~ Jan. 16, 2020 › indestructible-tardigrades-cannot-…
Adorable Tardigrades Have a Surprising, Fatal Weakness | Live …

can we build tardigrades habitat ?

Diane Nelson, a Tardigrade researcher who works in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, used a scanning microscope to take this 3-D image of a Tardigrade. (Image credit: NPS/Diane Nelson)

Tardigrades, often called water bears or moss piglets, are near-microscopic animals with long, plump bodies and scrunched-up heads.
They have eight legs, and hands with four to eight claws on each.
While strangely cute, these tiny animals are almost indestructible and can even survive in outer space.

Tardigrade is a phylum, a high-level scientific category of animal. (Humans belong in the Chordate phylum — animals with spinal cords.)
There are over 1,000 known species within Tardigrade, according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).

can we build tardigrades habitat on Mars ?

By Mike Wall May 19, 2020

Genetic engineering may be a big part of our future on Mars.

If humanity is ever going to settle down on Mars, we may need to become a little less human.

Crewed missions to Mars, which NASA wants to start flying in the 2030s, will be tough on astronauts, exposing them to high radiation loads, bone-wasting microgravity and other hazards for several years at a time. But these pioneers should still be able to make it back to Earth in relatively good nick, agency officials have said.

It might be a different story for those who choose not to come home, however. If we want to stay safe and healthy while living permanently on Mars, or any other world beyond our home planet, we may need to make some tweaks to our species’ basic blueprint, experts say.

(Expert like me said, however, how much and how was not found yet nor analyzed yet, nor worked on yet. The only data this conclusion was drawn from, were from test results in space, not on how changes to DNA occur, how long, what can be used to do so and so on. There might be artificial methods possible or other systems.)

An Israeli spacecraft called Beresheet almost made it to the moon in April.

It took a selfie with the lunar surface in the background,
but then lost contact with Earth and presumably crashed onto the lunar surface.

Now it’s been revealed that the mission was carrying a cargo of dehydrated microscopic lifeforms known as tardigrades.

Aug. 9, 2019 — They’re often called “water bears” but the images of tardigrades that I … Sending a cargo of tardigrades to Mars would be irresponsible, even if …

Martian life to Earth with the rocks are central to the design and build of the spacecraft. …

Using a multipronged approach to investigate the diet of ancient dogs.

But we still keep sending spacecraft to look for life.
Sending a cargo of tardigrades to Mars would be irresponsible, even if we don’t believe they would survive.
Irresponsible because Mars has the potential for life.
Restricted life, for sure, but we have no right to endanger that life.
And we have a responsibility to maintain Mars as close to pristine as possible, exploring it with care.

NASA and ESA are currently planning a mission to return samples from Mars to Earth.
And precautions about the possibility of returning Martian life to Earth with the rocks are central to the design and build of the spacecraft.




  1. a fibrous substance consisting of polysaccharides and forming the major constituent in the exoskeleton of arthropods and the cell walls of fungi.

2. - 15 minutes later at 17:15 Fri Feb 26, 2021:

From 6 minutes ago to 13 minutes ago, 12:15 Fri Feb 26, 2021

Also, if police or the army tell you , they would kill you if and if,
or, have reasonable ground to do so,
you might want to report this to a police (not, “the” police, depending) ,
however, it may not be a threat, implied or implicit or explicit,
especially not if you are causing even worse problems than that,
deliberately so, and seek to forfeit evidence of the fact…

Stupidity is legal, just don’t abuse the privilege.

Taking things out of context without authority is also not (or, is also not) going to help you surrender when you did wrong and worse than others.

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Incredible South Korean drone display tells citizens to wear a mask

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Time to go to sleep, but I wanted to share with you today’s “also”… Nighties lovelies!

Also: how have I lived 10 years without knowing of the existence of this gem?

♪ If it bleeds we can kill it! ♫


“is martini red wine?”

Hailing from Turin,
this sweet Italian vermouth was created in the 1862s by Martini Rosso.

It is made from wine that is infused with various botanicals such as plants,
barks, or flowers.

The macerate of the botanicals is added together with caramel,
which gives the drink its distinguishing red color.

### Martini Rosso | Local Fortified Wine From Turin, Italy › martini-rosso

Pot at the Canadian border | 22 Minutes

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Is Martini Rosso vermouth?

Martini Rosso Vermouth is a light, balanced and scarlet-hued Italian sweet red vermouth. This famous drink was first created by the Martini family in the ancient town of Pessione, nestling in the foothills of the Alps near Turin.

What mixes well with vermouth?

Drink with a splash of soda water, a slice of orange and a green olive. This nutty vermouth pairs well with savory appetizers: charcuterie, cheeses, olives and Mallorca almonds. Enjoy neat or on ice with an orange peel. Lo-Fi Aperitifs makes modern-style vermouths that are bursting with savory, fresh flavor.Jul. 5, 2017

### How to Drink Vermouth | Tasting Table

Incredible modern pork processing factory technology & other amazing farming poultry production

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The Empire Strikes Back Alternate Crawl

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Network modeling changes everything

A complete digital twin of your network can cut troubleshooting time
in half and prevent avoidable outages.

Get full path analysis, query your network like a database,
and accurately predict network behavior with Forward Enterprise.

The best-in-class

network modeling software
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Winner of over 20 industry awards, Forward Enterprise accelerates troubleshooting and improves network operations for major companies around the world.

Our Promise

The Forward Platform simplifies operation of the world’s largest networks to increase visibility and reduce the risk of errors and outages. Our mission is to help identify and fix potential network issues with a straightforward, intuitive, and modern software interface.

Forward Networks is winner of over a dozen awards, from Product of the Year to Great Employer. [READ MORE]

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Forward Enterprise

Network Automation and Verification for your Intent-Based Network

Forward Enterprise documents, searches, verifies,
and predicts the behavior of your network by creating an always-accurate software copy of your entire network infrastructure using a unique mathematical model.

With available REST APIs,
it easily integrates into your existing network management workflow and tools.

The In-App Network Query Engine (NQE) Checks feature delivers the ability to define and perform custom verification within Forward Enterprise atop the NQE data model.

Forward Enterprise can be deployed on-prem or via cloud hosting for complete implementation flexibility. Download the datasheet >

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Tony Stark “You Want My Property, You Can’t Have It” Scene | Iron Man 2 (2010) Movie CLIP 4K

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Ordering Chinese Takeout Then Tipping $5,000 to Struggling Restaurants

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Railguns: The Kinetic Future of Warfare

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Opposite current does not have a repulsive force, but, current of the same charge do. Those opposite current force attract each other, in a magnetic force.


With two currents flowing in **opposite** directions you **can** determine that **the** magnetic fields are in **the** same direction and **will** therefore **repel**. When **the** currents flow in **the** same direction **the** magnetic field **will** be **opposite** and **the** wires **will attract**. ~ Sep. 5, 2016 Why do two wires with current flowing in the same ... - Socratic


So yes, here, a flow chart proves the point of repulsion, and how the flow causes it, compared to flow of the same charges.

#Spark #HugeMoves #Submarine

Transporting A Retired HMCS Submarine 700 Miles Across Canada | Huge Moves | Spark

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#Spark #iFixIt #ElectronicWaste

Where Do Our Old Smartphones End Up? | E-Life | Spark

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#Spark #CosmicVistas #Space

The Mystery Of Our Solar System’s Asteroid Belts | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

41,504 views • Feb 19, 2021
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#Spark #HugeMoves #Gold

$7 Billion In Gold Found Under A Canadian Town | Huge Moves | Spark

28,036 views • Feb 24, 2021
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7. - 15 hours later at 20:19:

#Spark #CosmicVistas #Space

Is There Life On Other Moons? | Cosmic Vistas | Spark

21,970 views • Feb 12, 2021
21K views - 2 weeks ago

Does Time Cause Gravity?

396,432 views • Feb 24, 2021
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PBS Space Time
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Talking in your sleep. Answering in your sleep.


Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - Eyes on the Moon

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Talking in your sleep? Ishtanchuk sends her regards…

♪And you tell me that you want me
You tell me that you need me
You tell me that you love me

And I now that I’m right
'Cause I hear it in the night
I hear the secrets that you keep
When you’re talking in your sleep♫

…and then there’s the guy who awakes to an empty house after spending all night telling his wife Anna how much he loves you, Ellen. :grin:


With enough practice and concentration,
you can dream about the same thing more than once to explore your dreams further,
and have dreams of what will happen in the future,
have dreams of what happened in the past,
have dreams of what is happening in the present.

That is when you can affect your dream enough to do what you want in your dreams,
and experience dreams related to what you want in your dreams,
while you sleep.

Imagination and the power of imagination in a lucid state is a lucid dream.
Imagination and the power of imagination in a sleep state is a sleeping dream.

Lucid dreaming, which is…
Lucid dreaming while being aware of what lucid dreaming is when you are awake,
and have dreams about what dreaming is about when awake, while sleeping…

When you are sleep talking,
you are not sleep walking,
you are not falling asleep while driving…

Especially not in a space ship.

Just how lucid is your self-control as a reliable doctor who is not unable to do its work,
who is unable to do its work,
whether due to dreaming, or other…?

Maybe Karen has dreams about getting more self-control about her dreams,
which may or may not be her dreams,
such as having nightmares in which she can’t do anything about it,
unless that she wants to not be able to do anything about it and wants to have those nightmares instead of controlling it.

2. - 2 hours later at 23:08 Sat Feb 27, 2021:

Forward Networks just got $245 million invested into them and their business and company, and they are planning to go public on the stock market.

Woaw, they sure didn't invest $245 million in my company to prevent war and damages instead of seeking to profit more from it than they are.

​Not a chance, they don't.

​It was already the Gulf War by the time I got my $10,000 scholarship and information warfare.

They gave me 2 Spec Ops emails for media

Lack of knowledge won't make your encryption fool proof except for a few other proofs of it.

Some of those tax dollars were being tracked for tax purposes.

Not to detract them from it or anything...

Detract :

  1. diminish the worth or value of (a quality or achievement).
    "these quibbles in no way detract from her achievement"

  2. cause someone or something to be distracted or diverted from.
    "the complaint was timed to detract attention from the ethics issue"


Love this sci-fi movie miniature.

“OUTLAND miniature effects”