The Like and Get Likes thread III

A certain game had one of its old expansions re-released a few days ago and I can’t stop playing.

At least I’m winning at the game…


I think i know what game might be. One whose art style I never liked, but without it the history of MMOs would be completely different. Unlike EVE Online, which is too odd to shape anything else than the minds of its players (specially with an added sense of paranoia).

And now i’m off to bed. Nighties lovelies!

Also: this is one impressive picture…

…a selfie from Mars, with help from a drop-off camera.

But since it’s been all over the News, here’s also a random motivational picture I got today…


A girl from my highschool was like this. I mean, this confident in her blouse buttons, and roughly for the same couple of reasons as the lady in the pic.


AI generated portrait

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