The like and get likes thread

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Cutting strings and opening boxes… those are things I barely do at work. I confess, I’m not a manual worker. :rofl:

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Oh my… the cryptostupid is unstoppable! :rofl:

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That’s old news! :stuck_out_tongue:

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66.6 :smiling_imp:

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My computer has a new habit of updating my Windows 10 OS without my consent. I haven’t changed anything but I was browsing the web on Google Chrome for 3 days in a row and playing EVE,then it suddenly started updating.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

(78 Alpha) #11831

A bit of help I can offer is to limit its bandwidth to keep it from auto updating in the background, a healthy 0 makes it so manual action is needed :slight_smile: Amazing GIF by the way

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How do I open that?

(78 Alpha) #11833

It was added in the Fall Update

You go to the Update & Security area in settings

then advanced options

delivery optimization

Then the second advanced options tab

(Nana SkaIski) #11834

I thought its about AI, I wonder now, what if someone in future makes AI like that? :thinking:

And then someone finds out people were writing stuff like that and says to his AI friend “lol, check it out, someone actually thought about people being honest, but we all know how to find if people are authentic, they would tell you, and then start doing stupid things!”

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Don’t have the Fall Update. My version is the release one. No updates. If I update it, I’ll have to re-format my C: drive. Yes,it is pirated.

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Oh boy, you seriously pirated Win10? :joy:

(78 Alpha) #11837

Workaround? It involves being a Beta tester for microsoft, so… the OS is more likely to crash but it’s a thing

It does seem a bit old though…

From what people are saying, old windows 7 and 8 keys can still activate it, I forget if it during install or if still works after :thinking:

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I think it has something to do with the accessibility services… I’m running Windows 7, but have no desire to update to Windows NSA Edition. Once the Win7 support runs out, I’ll run Unix exclusively.

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So no ReactOS? Assuming it becomes stable to use at some point

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That’s a really big if and as soon as that happens they’ll get shut down by Microsoft lawsuits :roll_eyes:

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Are the Dutch drowning yet?