The like and get likes thread

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Bad things happen in the dark.

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Im scribblin out a remix to this titled, Fiddler of the Green.

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Only if you do it right

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1 week till i make my first film
I’m freaking the ■■■■ out. Everything is set up and I have my plans kinda ready but there’s no getting over the panic.

Found out last week even veteran directors freak out sometimes when making a movie.

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Good morning LAGLers! Today it’s firday and so the week slowly ends, as people in my neck of the woods go completely cazy and our deranged Government is preparing for a unilateral declaration of independence with the support of 2 million votes out of 5.3 milion potential voters… with banks moving their residency to other cities in Spain to avoid market pressure in the event of a declaration of independence… with no idea or whether the central Government in Madrid has definitively passed out from its braindeadness or haves a plan roughly involving to send the military…

Jesus. Sometimes it feels a bit too much as what would have felt Italian or German as their nutjobs rised to power. As if the answer to “dudes, are you crazy?” was “yeah, totally, so what?”. :scream:

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Timezone everyone o/

I think it will end by government sending military and police force to arrest the main figures. Then they will persecute them and throw them to jail. Would be normal practice in such cases.

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(1) Buy a cheap chinese made camera, install it in your network, watch it communicate to the outside and… twice a day it connects to 2 unrelated ip adresses. Is it spying? Not sure but at least it’s misusing your IP to get rich on advertisement clicks. I never checked if the data of the packets changes like opening other pages or sending through something botnet like.
PS: That is not the stream nor the cloud connection…

(2) Most people use two hardware firewalls from different types for example CISCO or Level1 or any other (CLOSED SOURCE) and a IPFire/IPcop (OPEN SOURCE) . That way you’ll need at least two different exploits that can work together.

(Linus Gorp) #7901

Cheap and security don’t work in the same context. IoT devices are known to have beyond-abysmal security. Those cameras you’re speaking of are infected with malware about 90 seconds after you connected them to the internet (yes, that is really the case).
But of course, if you expect dirt cheap Chinese equipment to not have any drawbacks then you’ve got bigger problems than your camera generating ad-dollars.

That is not exactly the case. It could take as much as a specifically crafted request to a service behind the firewall that triggers the CISCO equipment backdoor, giving you a foothold inside the network. And keep in mind that CISCO builds a lot more than just firewalls.

And you’re also forgetting here that you have to trust the hardware your OSS firewall is running on and believe me when I say that you really can’t trust Intel or AMD (to name just the biggest two) one bit.

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Throw away computer, use abacus! \o/

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Is that the new apple watch? OMG So gonna pay $1000 for it! I heard you can move those little beads at real-time speed! Also!!! it’s completely 3D !

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It have the best graphics ever, the resolution is like you would see a real thing, and it have a multitouch technology built in. And it operates without batteries entirely, revolutionary! \o/

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EVE Valkyrie:
If you want to try it, here is some experience described:

Since there aren’t any kind of bronze silver gold Platinum leagues or anything like that you got matched against the pros who have had this game for one year or more. On top of that, all of the good players have VR headsets which gives them an additional advantage over uncoordinated newbies who for the most part do not have VR.

This is exactly what happened to dust. High level players dumped in with newbies and a huge disparity between them.

Looks like CCP still have a lot to learn. :psyccp:

(Yiole Gionglao) #7906

Looks like my unsuccesful attempt to play WoT… I grew tired of being one shot by didn’t knew who from didn’t knew where, didn’t knew why, with no clue as what did I did wrong other than just be playing the game. So once I used all the Premium account boosts (with WoWs), I left WoT.

I am a terrible FPS player, so if a company wants my money, they better make the game enjoyable to me even as my K/D sinks to hell. That’s what I did with Planetside 2 until it became a lagfest riddled with hackers and aimbots.

Also as a general concept, games should match players based on actual play time and performance stats rather than just by Tier. The very few games I enjoyed in WoT where those when Tier I/II players were actual new players and goofed around as myself. But they were few and apart.

(Nana Skalski) #7907

My experiences are the same with FPS shooters, when I am thrown into a game where everyone is better than me because of years of experience and better stuff, its a lot less enjoyable. There is no handle for you to grab, to open small doors even. It feels like you are banging a wall with your head, only endless misery. Not a game to play for fun. :face_with_head_bandage:

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My dad got me this today for my birthday :relaxed:

And Nintendo wished me a Happy Birthday too <3

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lol :rofl:

Sadly it takes some learning to use, most people will not do that anymore. Perhaps if it comes equipped with a fairy to move the beads for you. :thinking:

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Happy birthday! \o/

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Thank you :relaxed:

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