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I had photos of a green headed duck floating around with other ducks which came over near my work place on the nearby river, but they are missing for some strange reasons…

Here is a video of what it looked like, except that one didn’t put its tail up.

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Playing with ball. :sunglasses:

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Time to sleep, time to go to bed, preferably in the opposite order… Nighties lovelies!

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Good night,lovelies. :heart:

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Minimal Eve Online Single Player, Bite sized Eve. Not as good as Starborne but nice for someone that wants Eve single player

So… I showed Linux to my school teachers and the IT lady, showed them a bit of its strength. They boast that their computers are unhackable, totally secure, and can’t get viruses… dis-proven in under 60 seconds. They pay thousands on Macs and security software, then I go and show it was for nothing. I just realized that that means the ID and info of every student, even me, is at risk :scream:

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Serisously, you think that dropping 2+ hours of video is gonna invite anyone to anything else than like the post and skip its content altogether?

Specially without telling whether is “moon hoax” trash or a defense of reality? :neutral_face:

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Well, security is a relative thing. As the joke goes, “So the NSA reads my emails? Wow, not even I read them!”… So the point is, why would anyone access those data? At what degree of risk they are on that network, compared to other places where those data exist?

The best way to keep the data hidden, is to not produce them. I’ve been using internet for 14 years and at the moment Google produces 3 results with my real name and 0 images of me. Of course, those data exist in certain networks, but they’re far less interesting than my browsing habits, which someone tracks to send me EVE ads whenever I post on General Discussion… make the sense you will out of this.

Absolute security doesn’t exists, and for the average person these days, a change of the habit to share their life with the universe would do 100x more for their cyber security than shifting OS or web browser.

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Oh, and good morning LAGLers!

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He’s posting low-quality non-sense and doesn’t even like back. Just a leecher. I put him on my mental blocklist :wink:

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Perhaps I don’t expect them to do so in 2+ hours, I was born in 1967 and I just found that video, so it’s 48 years old.
I saw the original footage by the way, there was only a few hours that I missed during the live streaming of the event.

Yeah, mhh, I was 2 years old then and I still remember it.
I had a broken leg over 1.5 years before and I don’t remember it.
I had to see photos from the hospital with my legs in a case to know.

It’s also more for the scientific benefit of the user.
They can also see how much people try to make pure science seem to be a hoax, who knows why.
Perhaps they themselves don’t even know why, or it’s some subconscious idea given or suggested to them by others, which they lost control over.

By the way, the truth about something is not a hoax.
Those are 2 diametrically opposite things, and direct enemies to one another.

It also shows the culture of discrediting others to gain credit from it, even though the attempt is done without knowing, and in false hopes.
I am sure that there also must be true scientific facts and reasons as to why such entities would think that way or try to support this or administer it.
They may eventually lose the benefit which science could bring them.
I could not agree with this philosophy since even 2 of my houses were earned from scientific methods, not by trying to discredit good scientific facts.
I don’t think I would go very far with that if I was to cause this to parties like me.
They must know that the damage they try to cause won’t be something they don’t have to pay back , and they won’t be able to get away with it.
It’s sad because the military has to use a lot of science to achieve the security levels of reliability and trust that they need to be able to do something as good and efficient for public safety.

Very often in science, information is not so much about taking advantage of info which others don’t have, rather than to inform them, for what they can learn.
This, instead of or compared to withholding information, to try to take advantage of the same fact, repeatedly.
It’s more exploitative than positive or beneficial.
I know a lot of systems like that, and quite frankly, they are not the best, and the moral is problematic.
It would create life endangering situation to the astronauts or cosmonauts.
It forces them to have to do extra work which has to be transferred to their co-workers later .

Trying to marginalize scientists like astronauts isn’t going to work either for the same reasons above.
It would create those trying to problems, or, it would create problems to those trying to, because it would interfere against the source of valid information which they could use, for good security and moral reasons and causes.

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yeah, thanks, I always make sure to bring that up to the proper place and to use it to good ends for the safety of my relatives and society.

It makes it easier to honor them.

It’s easy to find when there is no matter what.
It makes it easier for me to protect my work if I know where to expect the attacks from, and to bring more benefits to others from science, so they can improve their lives and save others lives.
It’s probably honest or more honest.

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Then what do you do if your family name is religious, your family worked in politics and military, and they try to interfere against communication because you are witness of something you should report to the proper authorities ?
I guess it’s better to move out of that place and go somewhere you won’t be getting problems to express yourself or to talk because it would be either something wrong, or simply because they want to hide it.
Sounds like there is some nice secrets going around in that place, perhaps good opportunities to investigate with agents and find more details for potential sales.

a person who indulges in hypocrisy.
synonyms: pretender, dissembler, deceiver, liar
the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

The work I do is for people to have good common sense and to be able to use my work with common sense. It’s designed for them to do so, perhaps contrary to what some people try to make it to be (like some nonsense).

  1. Seeing the fruits of our labor may make us more productive
    that is useful to find out when someone tries to cause forfeiture of your work.

  2. The less appreciated we feel our work is, the more money we want to do it
    The more work is damage, the more money you may need for it too.!

  3. The harder a project is, the prouder we feel of it
    The more competition and attacks against a project , the more worthwhile if can be, depending.

  4. Knowing that our work helps others may increase our unconscious motivation
    It may also saves lives and more. Conscious motivation can also increase unconscious motivation.

  5. The promise of helping others makes us more likely to follow rules
    Good project planning require to organize good rules and policies.

  6. Positive reinforcement about our abilities may increase performance
    It’s good to know what to do to increase performance, often, adversity or conflict can make it harder to reinforce when negative efforts are administered against the project in attempts to confuse and diminish value.
    It’s important to register the factors leading to improvement for security,

  7. Images that trigger positive emotions may actually help us focus
    The power of positive thinking is an incredible force indeed, and focus is part of it as well as other positive factors involved.
    Good focus in the proper scope of project is good, compared to too much focus and too little.

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Timezone everyone :relaxed:/

Siberian cold is here and will stay all week.

If you have fur, time to take it out from closet. :sunglasses:

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Better equipment than I see here on roads. :rofl:

Actually doing some (microscopic) work also.

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When did this thread become about the existential philosophy of moon landing hoaxes? Everyone knows the moon landing was an inside job, and 9/11 was filmed on a movie set.

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Here the authorities have turned the snowfall into a epic battle to show off how proficent and smart they are, thus they’ve forbiden transit of heavy trucks while most main roads really haven’t had any trouble with snow… It’s been a by-the-book distraction from the ongoing political issues.

Meanwhile here in Barcelona we barely have seen snow, obviously it has melt as soon as it touched the ground and all in all it’s been more rainy than snowy weather… just too cold for my/our taste. 3º C AND raining it’s quite uncivil and rude for Barcelona. :snowflake:

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Sometimes, we have snow in Australia. Sometimes.

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Not where I live though. I live near a beach, in a subtropical climate area. It’s usually just hot and humid. Our version of cold is anything under 20 degrees.