The Magical battleShips

I’m ratting with a rupture with 650mm Guns and 3x hobos I . I bring the BS painfully to half of his shield cause he always regenerate them but the then magicaly he power his shield to no damage now if I reload he is back at 100% now mathematicly it makes no sence since If I can bring him to 50% I should with time get him to 0%. What’s happening?

your (gunnery/drone) skills are lacking
you chose wrong ammo type and/or drones against the rat resistances
you shoot from outside of your guns falloff range
your fit is crap and/or lacks damage mods.

use a hurricane.

I have upgraded to Hammerhead and phased Plasma M I’m doing around 500 of damage per round
and I cannot bring him down lol

There are modules that allow ships to trade capacitor for shield or armor repair. It’s not unusual for a battleship to be able to repair a few hundred dps.

Both of your weapons are primarily thermal damage so, if you’re fighting Angel Cartel, you’re hitting them where they are strongest - you want to use ammunition/drones that deliver explosive damage.


Ur ship probably suxs. + angel cartel have high rep, u need good dps against them

Quoting for emphasis.

Certain NPCs are stronger and weaker against certain types of ammo/drones.

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This depends on which battleship you are talking about.

If you are talking about Drifters, then they have an extra layer of shields.

Otherwise, NPCs use modules to repair themselves. Repair rates are based on whether they are recieving damage, or whether they are being attacked, i dont remember which, but either way, its chance based. So, i guess you were just unlucky.

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Have a look at

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