The market seems to appreciates my service

Hello. I began producing an item and selling it at an undisclosed place about a week ago. I considered taking advantage of the low liquidity and putting it for sale with a huge profit margin. But decided to use a price that i would appreciate if i was buying it while also making my troubles as the producer worth it. You can clearly see when my operation began on the volume. It basically exploded and i ended up making lots of ISK despite being humble with the price. That is all. Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.


Some of EVE’s richest people are builders/traders. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

The price is not really as important as the margin in that regard. You still need to have a decent margin.
When I’m buyin, I would appreciate to have all prices at 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Gratz for the feeling of being impactful :slight_smile:

You are pretty running running the market for this item in your area, that is cool

Or someone is buying you out with a view to flipping them for profit in another market hub or in that hub once you run out of stock…

and this is why my shuttles are 600k at Ahbazon… when I was selling them for 95k… 190k… 250k… someone would just buy them all and relist them from 1 to 10 mil isk. Now I just put them at 600k and then only people who really want a shuttle will buy it

The market for the particular item was illiquid when i started but now its high liquidity and prices are now relatively cheaper than me (Im not changing price). Maybe someone was trying to buy me out and has capitulated now and dumping it back on the market, or the increased volume has attracted attention from more sellers. Or something else :slight_smile: Have a nice day.

Thats why traders do that disgusting habit of selling or buying from you 1 unit, just to see who you are and what you are doing

Better have a taste before you choose the full meal ^^
Also this allows to check your overall activity.

This is cal navy mjolnir heavy missiles in sinq laison, and about the only thing the volume bars show us is when crimson harvest began.

I have similar experiences with various mods regardless of this event. As long as they are priced reasonably they tend to sell like cakes. Pricing them 50% above jita is likely to cause people to source it from jita themselves.

Please don’t say stupid things just for the sake of being part of the conversation.

OP’s chart is very specifically, very obviously rhml golem pilots buying for the event, and the volume bars will drop back immediately when it’s over. It’s not the right damage type for sinq.

Yeah, this one particular case is about the event. Also it’s not just RHML Golems - plenty others use heavies (though hams tend to be more usual fits for sub bs ships). This isn’t going to drop after the event - the price and sales will drop soon, as there is only so much ammo you can consume in a day. People just like to buy a decent stockpile ahead of time so that they don’t have to buy ammo all the time. I do it myself. I see plenty others doing the same (from market transaction history I can see that this pattern is typical of many people; yes I trade plenty of ammo, any problems with that?)

You are right about this being wrong damage type for Sinq Laison (other than drones and occasional anti-amarr mission). Just like it’s wrong damage type for Metropolis. Yet they are still used plenty enough (amarr, drones, blood raiders, sansha).

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