The new EVE Online launcher Beta

My Eve online is on my F: drive F for Frostpacker

Game works perfectly on Linux, in my computer at least. Install via Steam with Proton.

You mentioned M1 native support for MacOS. Are there plans on releasing a client for M1/M2 iPads?

Including boot.ini?

No longer funny.

Probably a case of blind in one eye and not looking out the other - but where I can download (again) the new launcher - to give it a test drive again?

The latest builds:

Once installed the launcher will automatically update itself once a new version is released.

boot.ini wasn’t deleted. It was overwritten by people who should not be permitted to be within 10 feet of a computer, taking multiple steps to overwrite it.

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Ouch, s**t happenes :wink:

“not enough time to test the graphics content upgrade thoroughly to notice it removed this file”
There you have it
They don’t test changes properly before they roll them out because of some time constraint that they’ve imposed on themselves.
QA/QC apparently does not exist within CCP

It’s nice to see CCP learnt their lesson about testing features… Looks at sisi still not allowing access :thinking:

There seems to be different download speed with beta launcher compared to live launcher. Running the Mac app and I am in Cambodia with not-fast internet.

  • The live launcher downloads the first, small bundle at slower speed, unpacks it and then downloads the second, fat bundle at much higher speed. For example, small bundle taps 2.5MB/s for me and fat bundle peaks at 12MB/s

  • The beta launcher downloads both bundles at a slow speed - 2.5MB/s all the way

I have switched launchers on different days to test. The live launcher always gets the fat bundle at a much higher speed; the beta always gets the fat bundle at a slow speed.

Is this a known issue? Anyone else with a less-fast connection seeing the difference? CDN being used for live launcher but not beta?

– There is no way to rearrange Launcher Groups. they show in the drop down menu sorted by date of creation. Annoying.

Old Launcher → when mouse over omega sign - shows expiration
New Launcher doesn’t


The download speed seems to be arbitrary and complete bogus in the live launcher, too. It tells me that I download stuff with up to 40MB/sec which is 8 times the download speed of my connection. I suspect it combines actual download and write speed on the hard drive into one figure.

Will the new launcher have the ability to display currently training skill queue and/or total SP? When tracking multiple accs this can be tricky because the ESI skill endpoints don’t return up to date information anyway until the characters are actually logged into the game. Having that fixed, or having it visible in the launcher would be a godsend

Also, hopefully this might finally fix the ‘request too long’ bug that has been in the launcher for a while? (And is also unfortunately in the new Excel plugin, preventing logging in larger numbers of accs)

We have included measures to fix this issue in the new launcher.


Im not sure if I missed the link as I scrolled through this post but is there a download link for the new beta launcher for the Mac. I really enjoyed the beta version on the PC.

The links are visible in the news post, but to make it easier: