The new EVE Online launcher Beta

Considering this is a new launcher with opportunities to do things differently and work on previous limitations. Would you consider being able to launch multiple characters of the same account? Be it Omega only, of course. Might be a good incentive to bank on those MCT ($)

Would be nice if they would show MCT/training per Char instead of just Omega.
Guess they need to add it to the API first.
They could easily fit 30+ accounts with Omega/MCT/PLEX - and Training/Mail/ISK Notifications for 3 chars per account into the space that they are now using (while also keeping their advert space).

Hello, this launcher has been great so far! What I would like to see most is the ability to adjust my character portraits into my desired order. If this is already a thing, please poke me with the know how :).

This would be a limitation of the game client, rather than the launcher, as starting the same user account multiple times would cause the previous instances to get disconnected.

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Another thing that would be nice to have:

  • give the opportunity to set the window position / display number for each client that is started (e.g. with account 1, I want a fullscreen client on display 1. with account 2, I want a windowed client on display 2 and so on…)

Thanks for the precision. Keep my suggestion in the wish list for a future client upgrade :slight_smile:

How many times have CCP changed the launcher by now? :smiley:


and have any of those changes made any tangible difference to game play?

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Is it possible to remove accounts from the new launcher? I couldn’t find a way but I may be blind :smiley:

Is it possible to delete a profile in the beta launcher?

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Is it possible to still play the game with the new launcher?

Why do we even need a launcher? Are they still trendy? What happened to just clicking on the .exe and selecting open yourself option?

We need a launcher to see ads


Adds not with standing, the new launcher certainly makes it convenient to log in to specific characters or groups of characters.

Launcher asked me if I wanted to try it. Said I could “download it now” and when I did, nothing happened.
No one has replied to me on where I could find the file to download it, so oh well.
I guess my system will download it once it becomes mandatory. At least I hope so.

EDIT. I did have a reply. It didn’t sound very safe to download it now.

As a Mac user of the launcher, the UI having windows controls on the upper right corner make it confusing to use. Plus, the X doesn’t quit the app. It just hides the window. I don’t want to leave the launcher going while I am VPN’d into work. Closing the app should quit it entirely.

The launcher window is very large. It contains a lot of extraneous data seemingly placed there to be decorative more than informative.

There are two indications I am omega. One on the right, and one next to the character name.

Tranquility has a green light indicating good to go, but there is also a “status ready” indicator that provides the same information. There is also a ready to play indicator on the bottom left. I realize that probably indicates the current version or download in progress, but is still redundant due to wording. If the indicator shows the game is ready to play, then detect all states and reasons for lack of readiness and show them in one place, Or change the wording on the download indicator to say “all files current - no download required.”

I don’t know why there is a “play now” section with viridian promo graphics. Why would I ever press that when instead I pick my characters to play on the left.

Why do I need to hold down to play a character instead of simply clicking?

Why is my plex vault displaying? What am I going to do with that information?

I like the news feed. I have a feeling making the YouTube logo a hexagon is a violation of a registered trademark and illegal. It’s also unnecessary.

Why is there an account menu item and an account settings item on the right? Those are redundant and do the same thing.

Overall, the app has the feel of real estate existing and a UI person trying to fill it up rather than deciding the UX and then building the minimum UI to accomplish those tasks.

I’d like to be able to configure what appears on the launcher and eliminate most of it to make it take less screen real estate. I really only need the download indicator, server availability, number of players online, my characters to click on to start playing.

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Installed the new launcher. It told me to locate my existing installation, so I pointed it to “C:\Games\EVE”.

It proceeded to download 30GB of data and completely trash all my client settings. Nice work CCP!

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Big, ugly, cluttered with crap. Don’t see anything of use.

Just a way to feed more, bigger advertisements.

It’s like oppertunities, from a small easy to read dialog box to a full screen cluster F’‘’ that you need to look for the information because it’s hidden in another click. Hardly useful.


Previous launcher install client in sharedcache folder. So in your case by default new launcher point to C:\Games\EVE\sharedcache.

There’s so many window moving programs, I don’t see it useful in a launcher.
Next time I want one, I’ll try PowerShell for kicks.

Simple answer is that playing game and keeping the game client updated are two separate tasks.
Which, by the saying of the uncle Ford, are best done by two separate applications.