The new EVE Online launcher Beta

I absolutely agree. It should show What the in game player selection screen shows, such as location, system, system security, and in space or where docked, number unread emails, amount of ISK, skill points, skill currently being trained and how much time left for that skill.

I would add/change the following.

Get rid of the top row and and just show the the stuff to the left of the image with the play now button. The Status and Account settings could be in a small banner at the top of the image with the play now button.
A larger version of the character’s profile picture.
Omega expiry without having to hover over the clone state and if Alpha how long since Omega expired.
I would change skill point to the format unallocated/used/total.
Number of skills in training queue out of the max and time to complete the queue.
Training boost level and time to end.

Down the road I would think this launcher could have features like the mobil client (iOS/Android/etc) app.
See full character sheet with implants and jump clones.
Manage skill queue.
View wallet with ISK and market transactions.
Access and use the New Eden Store.
Buy and sell Plex and view trends for the Jita market place and view Plex orders and transactions.
View, respond, create, and manage mail and calendar.
I would add being able to give ISK.

While I love the new launcher, #1 known hurdles do not cover one issue: structure destroyed and pilot logging in does not have a clue that the ship is not docked but in space.

Would be great to add at least a comment to all pilots as “docked” or “in space”.

Please add partial download to the new launcher. Before, the game install size was 17-18GB, and this after many days and hours of play. Now it’s almost 40GB of probably mostly useless skins that i would never see.

Haven’t kept up on EVE and the new launcher issues. Logged in this week to send off some donation funds.

Can’t really comment on what’s good/bad/ugly, but I can say that I’m not overly impressed by one small detail. Logging out.

ESC to log-out used to bring up a nice convenient small box, usually near where my mouse was already (center of screen ish). I could bring it up and leave it there while still watching the game around me.

Now, ESC brings up a ginormous “Options/Settings” screen, with Logoff/Quit way down in the lower left. Worse, I have to move my mouse pointer over two other buttons (Optimize graphics, Reset graphics). It doesn’t take much timing or attention distraction to hit one of those buttons on the way to Quit.

Does anyone know how I can just bring up the small “Return Logoff Quit?” dialog box we used to get?

And for heaven’s sake, CCP, stop thinking giant clunky screen-blocking space-wasting UI screens are the future. Especially when there’s nothing I want on those screens. I log off every time I play - I look at “Settings” a couple times a year.

Make common repetitive screens small, useful, efficient. Leave your fascination with monolithic UIs to the crap we never look at anyway.


I must congratulate The Stargate dev team for their commitment to tackle the hard and important tasks while leaving the aspirational piffle such as a clean, efficient and informative UI to be dealt with by … Team Stargape :yawning_face:

Good job on the “Download full EVE client” fix

Just 2 left now:

When selecting an account it expands the three character portraits. The only way to collapse these portraits it to expand those of another account. You should be able to collapse all the accounts at once, thus taking up less room on the launcher screen, and avoid the need to scroll down to see all your accounts.

You should be able to log into an account (that is the character selection screen) without logging in to an actual character. There are a number of situations where this is required.

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I would like to see the rest of shared cache moved to the designated location (character portraits, blueprint icons and other stuff that should never appear in my regular profile backups).
Also, move the launcher to %LocalAppData% and pull the profiles over to %AppData%.
That’s how it should have been to begin with.
%LocaAppData% is for transient/machine specific data that is either nonessential or easily recovered/reconstructed, which is need not to be backed up.
%AppData% is for valuable personal stuff. I don’t see a distributed game launcher as “valuable” for me, personally.

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What for? If you have 10 accounts, that’s only your problem. 5-6 fit fine on screen.

So, I finally tried this new launcher:

  • Character sorting per account is bonkers and completely illogical. It follows no order at all and is random for every account. There needs to be a way to change the sorting of the characters in the accounts.
  • No Play button next to the account or characters. I have to move the mouse miles to go to the play button or awkwardly long-press a character. The Play button right next to the account name in the old launcher was way more convenient than either of these new options.
  • There is no way to collapse accounts into the narrow row view. This scrolls other accounts out of view unless I make the launcher window humongously big.
  • clicking on another account row moves the other accounts, which requires even more mouse movement and even more clicks to actually start characters.
  • I can reduce the size of the launcher so that a Play button actually appears next to the accounts, but then I lose all other functionality and most importantly, the news cards.
  • If I reduce the size the only “information” I am presented with is 1 ad with boatloads of white space around it.
  • Since there can be a Play button in an account row if I reduce the size, there should be a Play button when the list view for account rows is active.
  • Logging in straight the game without going via the Char Select screen can be bothersome because I don’t see where the character is in the cluser. Since the Launcher tells you already what corp/alliance you are in and what you sec status is, it should also tell you your location in the cluster like the Char Select screen does.

All in all: I am incredibly surprised that the Launcher did not DL the entire client again and that it did not wreck my settings. But the usage of the launcher is worse and less convenient in some ways than the old launcher.

Good use of space. :+1:


Can we get an update on if the ability to manage and copy profiles will be migrated to the new launcher? This was essential to properly backing up and bringing consistency to in-game interface settings (such as window sizes, chats etc) on MacOS.

After the new launcher nuked my profiles on install I’m extremely hesitant to login when the new launcher is made mandatory.


The Launcher should show which character is active and not just which account, when the account row is collapsed. The active account highlight and active character highlight need to be more pronounced as well. Depending on the background, it’s barely visible or potentially completely saturated by other colors.

It is hard to believe that nobody at CCP knows what the purpose is of the CSIDL structure is. Every time I see content going into the root of C:\ I wonder who would be so ignorant, then I found out about the boot.ini fiasco.

Hey - biiiiig problem here:

Cause of other probs I had to reinstall windows and so I dl EVE again yesterday. So for the 1st time I used the new launcher…set up profiles and started 20 acc with the same profile on lowest settings (Memory preset)…same window size…same ingame windows…20 exact copies!
My CPU went through the roof - 100% constantly. Lags while spinning ship…ect.

Not being able to find any solution I said…Wait…lets try same amount of accounts with same profile on old launcher as I never had such probs on my brand new computer (AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 8-Core + RTX4090, 64GB RAM, Windows11) So I dl old launcher from CCP site.

So same 20 acc with same profile started on old launcher: 59-63% CPU and no probs whatsoever…

What the heck…

Is this a known issue?

Best regards, Talon

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When you are out in space, does your display suddenly feel like its rendering slow, but the in game fps does not drop ? Does it pulse slow/fast like this every few seconds?

I am seeing this happen, but in task manager CPU is well under %100 on each core, even with the affinity locking to one CPU. GPU is hardly touched.

Experimenting with EVE on linux also, CPU usage on exefile is over %100 consistently.

With regards to the long tap to start a character: This is so annoying and a waste of time. It should be a simple double click to do that. You can’t do anything else in the account rows anyway. A double click is just as safe in terms of error prevention as a long click, but it is much faster, much more convenient and far less prone for accidental cancellation of the process. There is no logical reason for the long click to start a character.

Why was the double click option removed? It is the superior option to use the UI by a big margin.


Just trying the new launcher myself and was happy to find that I can still use the char selection screen. Though you have to turn it on for each char set. I don’t know, this just seems like the people designing this don’t play the game and have no idea what they are changing or how it will effect the players. I myself don’t just use the char selection screen to pick the char to login with, but to also manage the daily rewards were I can choose which char receives which reward without having to log them in.
The char selection also provides very helpful information like where each char is, whether they are docked or not and what ship they are in. The launcher does not have this information, and if you’re a returning player and log in with the new launcher method, you can suddenly find yourself logging in, blowing right past the char selection, only to find yourself in hostile space. What a way to return to the game.
This just seems like there was very little though put into this. With no apparent real player experience to drive the process on how this launcher should work. Just frustrating to see CCP not taking the time and effort to work with the player base before making these design changes. The the new launcher and now the settings window are prime examples. Some of this could have be avoided if the brought the test server back.



  • Launcher looks cool
  • Being able to select which character I want to log in with on all my accounts from the launcher is a nice QOL improvement


  • Redeeming rewards on all my accounts takes even longer now than it did before. Absolutely tedious and obnoxious. The suggested workaround doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me.
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Just create a launcher group with acc BUT without char selection - that will start all your acc with char selection - then its even faster than before as its 1-click start

hi, is there any option to manage launcher profiles, like it was in old launcher?
i mean to copy, rename etc. launcher profiles.

New Launcher’s cool. 4 requests:

Shift-clicking a portrait launches its client but does not launch the character.
Or, clicking the Alpha/Omega indicator could do this.
Or, make the Play Now button do this instead of launching the highlighted portrait’s character.

An option to show character names rather than portraits.
I don’t know 99% of my alts’ faces from Adam. Portraits are useless information for me.

New shortcut which goes straight to “Start a client for …” search (e.g. Control + G).

New shortcut which is simply “Launch client …” (e.g. Control + R).
Typing in an account name here lets you launch that account (no character login).