The new EVE Online launcher Beta

Care to elaborate?



Three clients started, it blocked the fourth, and is now telling me “Oh, there’s an update, we’ll do that after existing clients are closed.”

At least the old launcher checked BEFORE it let clients launch, not afterwards.


Hey @CCP_Stroopwafel, would you be willing to comment on the following behaviour of the launcher?

Step 1. Open the launcher.
Step 2. Launcher says the following:
Step 3. Wait about 30 seconds because experience says to.
Step 4. Start opening clients (I have multiple accounts), so there’s a few to open).
Step 5. Suddenly get told by the launcher “There’s an update! And I can’t update until running clients are closed!”. That’s where this shows up:
Step 6. Wait for the clients that you spawned (I can reliably launch three before I’m stopped by Step 5) to actually open so you can close them).
Step 7. Curse, because while you waited for clients to open and close, the launcher has closed/crashed (not sure which it is, I suspect it’s a close after inactivity, but I haven’t seen notes to say either way).
Step 8. Once the launcher opens, THIS time it starts a client update.
Step 9. Once the client update’s done, clients can be launched successfully.

Now, I’m pretty sure the point of the new launcher wasn’t to slow people down getting into the game or to frustrate the snot out of them with this silly behaviour - so, assuming I’m not the only person seeing it (and I strongly suspect I am not), when is the behaviour likely to be fixed? A simple “don’t let clients start until the client software version check’s completed” step in the launcher start-up process would be enough…


I’m not sure if in that case a “wait until the update check has been completed” is enough. Why is this step taking longer than on the old launcher anyway?
“To launch faster into game” was announced to be a key feature of the new launcher. If updating takes longer to start than on the old launcher, i would call a key feature of the new launcher broken.


By grouping my chars my game start is definitely faster now, and I need less clicking. But probably there’s no “one fits all” solution.

Totally agree. That’s the broken bit, along with the “you can launch some characters, but not others, LOL!” behaviour.

That said, I launched today and was immediately provided with an update download status bar - so it checked quicker today.

So, from my usage the last few days - it seems the launcher doesn’t even start checking for updates until after you’ve launched a client.

This is rather frustrating - as I like to launch a number of clients in a row, the first 2-3 fire off fine, but the rest fail, and I have to close to open clients, let the client update occur, then re-launch again.

Any chance @CCP_Stroopwafel we could have a behaviour switch option in the launcher config (check for updates before allowing client launch vs check for clients only after first client launch)?

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Known hurdles

  • You can enable always go to character selection screen in the launcher settings, under Game Client. Enabling this will prevent launch groups from selecting any assigned characters.

Got strange problem…

When i starting game at my main character , it goes like without character selection screen.
I Mean i see character selection screen but do not click to select a character , and game do it self.
I understand that ^up is a solving ?

You do not click on a character to startup to character selection screen. You click the play button.

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Step 1 Starting launcher from Steam lvl
2 Hitting Play Now Button in launcher lvl
3 BillMaster Oddolara Online

I cant create new character , got 2 free slots at same steam account where BillMaster Oddolara is.
I Belive that Add Character in game Launcher is adding new account with 3 free slots.

Having hope you got smile , now i spot ADD ACCOUNT… lel.

Use “Add a character” and not “Add Account”. Check all configurations settings in the launcher configuration menu via the gear menu on top of launcher and in the account configuration menu at the account right under “Account settings”. Check if character screen settings in both menus are maybe contradicting? Maybe file a support ticket if you can’t get it to work.

Launch a character on the new account.

Once you’re logged in, log out of that character (not quit, log out).

You’ll be at the character selection screen where you can create a new character.