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About 40 years ago a friend of mine excitedly told me about a new watch that he had just bought. I asked to have a look at it and he showed me a blank matt black dial. ‘I said well how does it work’ He pressed a button and a digital display of the time appeared. ‘Isn’t that absolutely amazing?’ he asked.
I’m stood there thinking 'well with the old watches you could just look at them and see the time.‘
Why am I telling you about this?
Well back in the day you could see who posted stuff.
Not any more. Now you have to click on something to see who posted.
Which brain dead CCP moron signed off this rubbish?
However there appears to be at least one major improvement.
There no longer appears to be a link in this forum to Jame315s’ obnoxious website.
This is a short and probably final message from Fun Fin

or you just mouse over the picture with the blue circle and see their name?

And you think this is an improvement on just being able to see somebodys name without having to do anything?

I’m saying your reasoning and complaint is pretty weak. Heaven forbid you have to move your mouse

Well back in the day you could just run down the posts seeing if any interested you. It took seconds.
Now your saying it’s no problem that you have to stop at each post and click on mouseover or whatever to see who posted
You mad bro?

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This is the maddest I’ve ever been.

One of my mad ideas is why are you complaining about this on MD and not the forum feedback section made specifically for these helpful kinds of suggestions from someone who cares :space_invader:

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