The newly nerfed ore anomalies

Next ■■■■■■■■ Incoming … sorry, but EVE is dying

So what is a “basic” ore to CCP??

Anybody know?

No Idea. I mean, they got rid of Crok and now have it replaced with Kernite. Maybe Kernite is ‘great’ and Crokite is ‘basic’? Wait, that doesn’t make any sense at all. Damn - now I don’t have any idea :frowning:

me neither, the way i read it is that any ore found in belts normally (that means all of it outside of trig sites and ice) is basic and will be removed…

So my questioning (ignored by a dev himself in the feedback thread) about how this changes in the future for every refinery owner on a moon is something im highly curious about.

Nigh not just curios, I have clients i purchase huge amounts of ore from, if athnors only produced ubiquitous and other moongoo with that upcoming change…i see dark tidings forthcoming for players.

im taking it as any ore that can be compressed as basic. so the only ore the moons will drop is the moon goo like zeolite

Which would, reasonably, make zero sense. How many ships need Tritanium, Pyerite etc and how many are constructed with Silicates, Hydrocarbons or Cobalt?

Seriously now - taking out all Veld and Spod from “normal” NS belts wasn’t nice but ok sure I’ll live with that. Now the Crokite has gone and been replaced with Kernite but last time I looked Crokite had Nox & Zydrine but Kernite doesn’t have these. How then is this a “replacement”?

Now the moons will have no “ore” either? Wtf?

I have also been told (but have no verification ofc) that in this “shortage stage” the ice is next for the hammer. Erm… how we gonna build ships/fuel stations/do… anything? Yes, the markets are about to spike in price massively but that is very short term cos once there is no ore or minerals the price offered will mean nothing.

You’re dumb. Why even post any more?

“I’m going to make a killing”. In the short-term yes but as you clearly have no idea of what “long term” means I guess… great? Well done? Erm…

I think your tinfoil hat may have a tear in it…

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I’m not surprised anymore honestly

Rorquals mine too much (in delve)
Ccp changes everything about the game except rorquals.
… seriously guys, does it hurt your pride so much to just reverse/change the rorqual to a simple support ship?
All these changes is nothing that we asked, plus they’ll change nothing when you’re done

All this aside… what does " current stockpiles in inventory" mean?.. are they gonna empty our inventories of minerals/ore?

Do you know how much you have to invest to be viable make 1b/h with rorqs?

I was exaggerating, of course. Still, players have been able to bring in massive amounts of ore in null, to the point where they were cranking out supers like they were frigates. A change had to be made at some point.

1 single good fitted rorq is 8b and its producing 100m/h so you need 10 of them to mine 1b per hour

Wow. I thought the highsec miners were crybabies. You nullsec guys truly are in a different league.


You know it baby! :kissing:

Self entitled, primitive, dumb twats. The sole reason why CCP catered to them for the last years was because they are the ones who are most easily milked out of their money. The dumbest of the dumb. I’d call them cows, but cows are actually smart!

What happened over the last years, and what they can’t even remotely grasp, is that CCP first attracted them, then abused them and now throws them away after being sufficiently satisfied. It bothers me a lot to come up with this analogy, but it’s so perfectly accurate it’s not even funny.

yeah are,
i produced a titan per week. Now i am ■■■■■■ because they ■■■■■■ the only one thing i enjoyed in this game producing stuff…

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You can’t dock in an NPC station with a titan, so what good are they?

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Don’t you think that is a bit fast?

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Rorqs made 90m/hour, less than high sec incursions, high sec conduits, running t4/5 abyssals, running burner missions or running regular t4 missions. This notion that rorqs made billions an hour is a meme from the uninformed. High sec has been better isk than rorq mining for years now.