The Next Expansion

The next Expansion comes out tomorrow and we’ve yet to have an actual testing for this expansion Sisi Has been Locked since just after they dropped it to Sisi… there has been no time to Test any of the changes before they drop on TQ. or What kind of bugs to expect. that is kind of unacceptable. all though i suspect intentional…

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@Smuff_Gallente Why pay testers when teh playerbaise dont mind to be testers for free?

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The playerbase are the unpaid testers on SiSi

@Ramona_McCandless It dosnt look like teh tests r taken seriously oderwise we wuldnt hav bugs after each expanshun.
Also, is dis a lie then?

Why would you assume it is?

Also if you want to have a conversation in idiot language, I can go get Billy for you and you two can mash the keys happily together like chimps if you want.


Sorry 4 reply to yu, yu dont hav to reply to me. Also, I hav no zKill so dat meens Im a alt, right? Dont talk to teh alts.

I get you’re bored, but damn…

–Gadget’s Forum School


hallo spase frend! Moaner sed there wus sumwum on hear woo i kewd speek too as an equel and she were rite! how arr yew a yam fine miself. mi name is BILLEH and i liek to maek new frends all the time espeshullee wile a yam playing EEF Overline an i think yew an eye wiull be grate frens what else do yoo like do yoo like FRONTNIGHT or maybees even a nise game of CALL ME JUDY? a yam not reely allowed to play those gaymes as they are voilins and Moaner and Ma both sey "Billeh, violins is not for yew, except when it is and then they hit me does your big sister hit yoo much and say its fore youre own good like there was this wun time i was flaying threw spase in my GILLER wen suddenly there wus a BUBLE not like a MICHAEL BUBLE haha no this was a spase BUBLE and it meant my GILLLER wus stuck in spase not abul to MOVE AT ALL! i askked fore help= frum my ALLIAS in the Null Spec butt a LOKER like from Batman came and blew my GILLER and turned mi into a egg agane but thats ok cos my egg has a SKINE on it that i wus tole makes mi inverunerable to dmages sew i just warped orf.

hav you had advenchures liek that beefor?


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Hnnng, Billeh!

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On the next Expansion we need to be able to consume actual food buffs so that our Pilots can undock feeling Well fed!

They culd ad huger & thirst meters & capsulboys hafta dock, spend some isk at teh station restaurant, plus tax, to reimvigorate soul or clone starts havein problem aimin with guns or stayin awake behund teh wheel.

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