The Orca needs an additional high slot for compression module

I want to suggest adding a new high slot to the Orca because I already have all the high slots filled and there is no room for a compression module. I already had to give up my cloaking device high slot for the industrial core, now I don’t have another high slot to give up. I use a tractor beam when mining… The Orca even gets a bonus for it. Not giving that up.

My fit:
2 shield boosts
2 mining boosts
1 tractor
1 core
0 compression modules (where is it supposed to go?!)
0 cloaks

The ORE Mining Director Mindlink gives a bonus for mining AND shields! Do I have to give up a shield boost in order to fit a compression module??!!

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It doesn’t need another high slot for ore compression.

Can’t have it all. Gotta pick and choose what’s important to you and fit accordingly.

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The greed of miners knows no bounds.

Yes, it needs more slots… 1 for afk module, 1 for tear compression module… dont forget the long range i forgot my drone module

That’s what I’d do. Just because the mindlink provides both bonuses doesn’t mean you have to fully utilize both of them at the same time.

The Rorqual has 8 high slots. I don’t see why the Orca can’t have 7 high slots.

The Orca is basically a capital ship. It is built with capital parts just like a Rorqual. I need a tractor to reel in those jetcans. Without that, I need a second Orca or Noctis to do the job.

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I agree with this based on price, and it’s not a combat ship, who gives a toss how many high slots it has.

Take a mobile depot and just swap out modules as you need.

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