The Order of Omerta is seeking pilots

Looking for FW pvp pve and indy pilots

Looking for killers krabs and in betweens

Come join today

Come join the least smelly bunch of pilots on the internet

Looking for killers

Newbro and Returning player friendly PvP/FW corp. Come join

Come join the mayhem

Looking for those who want to learn the art of spaceship disassembly.

Come kill with us. Killing is bonding time

Come give people the skippitypap their parents never gave them but they deserve.

Come join a relaxed Corp where fun is our first order. Newbro and returning player friendly.

Join the coolest bunch of nerds you will ever meet

Still looking


Come learn to kill with us

Shenanigans daily

Looking for EU/US tz players

still looking for pilots

We are newbro and returning player friendly

Looking for pilots that want a good community