The Order of Omerta is seeking pilots

100th comment! Join!

Looking for pvp, pve and indy pilots

Come join us and blow ■■■■ up with a good chill group of pilots

Still looking

Been flying great FW content and finding a bunch of solid fights. Tons of resources for newer players, and incredible teachers.

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You heard it here folks, newbro friendly, fleets going out all the time. Looking for others who want to have fun but not make eve a job.

Come kill and die gloriously with us.

Seeking those who want to learn the art of pvp

looking for returning and newer players who want to learn fw and pvp

Come all you pvp hopefuls

looking for pilots

Looking to add to our eu team. US/EU Corp looking for pvp pilots.

Come chill and kill with us

FW, small gang pvp. Newbro and returning players friendly.

Come join you’re new home at Omerta

Join the Corp voted best smelling group of nerds by GQ magazine.

Come have some fun with a relaxed group of nerds

Looking for pilots who like fw, pvp, pve and indy.

Looking for casual pilots to grow our Corp. Laid back crew. Fun is first.