The Personal Records of Fariot Ellecon [PRFE] : Backstory

Astre Ellecon, a woman of Ethnic Gallente descent from Eletta III, was in her final year of studying at The University of Caille on Eletta VIII, Moon 19, when she met a charismatic man named Okel Vir. Okel, a member of the Thukker Tribe of Minmatar, was a nomadic pirate seeking both trade and refuge while passing through the University’s Station. The union of Astre and Okel was short-lived as Okel’s life of piracy quickly caught up to him. This reveal of Okel’s previous life would result in his departure from Eletta months before the birth of their son, Fariot.

On Friday, December 9th, YC 92 Fariot Ellecon was born. Due to the absence of Fariot’s father, Astre would choose to give Fariot her surname. Although devastated Astre would finish her studies at the University before returning to Eletta III with her son. Fariot would know little of his Father, other than his name and Minmatar background. With the merging of the Transneural Burn Scanner and the Capsule in YC 104 a young Fariot knew how he wanted his future to be. Astre would spend most of her time working to support the family. Her time spent with her son focused on his education and attempting to quell his capsuleer dreams with Dove voter block talking points.

Fariot rose to the top of his class during his primary education. Graduating with honors he hoped to start on a technical degree before joining a Capsuleer Training Program, but found the initial costs of post-primary education too daunting. Fariot, undeterred by pride, requested sponsorship from his family, friends, and the corporations within Eletta.

In an unexpected move a married couple, both retired Federation Navy members, decided to help. Fariot would receive two conditional sponsorships from them. Over the next year Fariot would spend most of his free time with Mr. and Mrs. Acanitte. The Acanittes were proud to be part of the Pure Blooded Patriots sector of the Hawk voter bloc.

  1. A full ride sponsorship to The University of Caille branch of his choosing pending the completion of a one and a half year Industrial Management Apprenticeship at the DED Logistic Support Station on Eletta VII, Moon 7

  2. A full ride Capsuleer Training sponsorship pending the acquisition of a technical degree from any branch of The University of Caille and all prerequisite tests passed.

With the completion of his apprenticeship, Fariot would choose The University of Caille on Bourynes VII, Moon 2 as his next stepping stone. This would be the first time Fariot would set his sites beyond that of the Eletta Solar System. At first Fariot was uneasy at living so far from home but after starting classes he knew he was exactly where he wanted to be.

Fariot, determined to become a capsuleer, graduated from the University of Caille with a degree in mechanical engineering. With near perfect medical records and a pass on the IQ test, Fariot had earned his sponsorships. The final stretch was here.

The years of hard work had finally paid off. Fariot had made it to the last stage of The Capsuleer Training Program in Bourynes. This stage was also the hardest. Fariot knew what so many failed capsuleers before him knew, to become a capsuleer you have to voluntarily submit to euthanasia.

This last thing didn’t sit well with Fariot. It was a mental barrier that most people have a hard time crossing. In order to ease his own mind Fariot contacted the Acanittes, whom he now viewed closer than family. Their reassurance was exactly what Fariot needed.

On Monday, September 14th, YC 122, Fariot Ellecon became a full fledged Capsuleer. Unbeknownst to Fariot his close relationship with the Acanittes and distant relationship with his real family had an unusual effect on the neural patterns of his first clone. He would go on to associate the Acanittes as his parents, completely losing all memory of his original parents.

In an act of celebration Fariot contacted his “family,” the Acanittes, to give them the good news. While elated for Fariot, they explained they are not his family, even if they treat him as such. This was an interesting development. Fariot had learned of memory failures in his training program but never expected it to happen to him. He asked himself, “If my memory of my family isn’t trustworthy which of my memories will be? Why do I revile the politics of the people that help me? What else am I forgetting?”

In the end Fariot came to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what he can’t remember currently, because being a Gallente is about forging your own destiny and being an individual. As a precaution to avoid future memory loss during cloning Fariot decided to maintain his own personal records.

[[ This is the current Full Version of Fariot Ellecon’s Backstory. Fariot Ellecon will now begin to write his own perspective on the events that ensue his time as a capsuleer. ]]


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