The pilot seat is already taken - can't log in on a character (2days+)

Hi there guys,

Having an issue, namely, I try to log in on a character to test some stuff (already used like 40 LSIs there) but it does not let me, as I have this msg:

The pilot seat is already taken.

I created some random characters on this account and I could log in with no issues whatsoever on them. However, the problem still persists on the character I want to test stuff with (character name: Justestin Stuff).

Could you pls have any fix for this? I’d like to log in and do some stuff, thanks.

They cannot just fix your access to the server. They don’t maintain it like TQ. You’ll have to wait until Nov/Dec for the next mirror

was it ever fixed?

Nop :slight_smile:

as i stated, they cannot fix it possibly until the next server mirror… and since they just had one, ccp did say they will not be doing another one, for the mass test on tuesday. so the next mirror will be end of the year.

you have to wait 2 -3 months to have it activated…its activated during mirroring databases

why are you replying to me ? :stuck_out_tongue: thats what I said…

i just started and i had to stop because of some irl things. now i tried to log in the character and i get that same message. does this mean i cant use that character anymore? if so will it just keep happening when i create a new character?

well i have found account that is unused for long time,had free slot… created new character on sisi and was able to login and play with it…

you have to…

1… use your functional account
2. write bug report about your not functional account
3. contact ISD BH on singularity channel,sometimes its also on M-OEE8 system. give him EBR number and he can take closer look so maybe fix can be done quicker?

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