The Problem with New Pilots

Ok. I will learn more about bookmarks to see if it’s acording to the lore of the game or is only a gameplay mechanic to make game harder. I just stopped playing when I questioned myself about the scanning mechaninc on the exploration, that disallow players to warp to a non-green cosmic signature. I hope I have fun playing again after your explanation. Thanks

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and more to lose isk too hahah

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has not yet resolved into an object with known precise location. It is an approximation, roughly the center of a spherical area in space anywhere within which the object of interest might be located based on the spatial data available at the moment. This is exactly the purpose of scanning down a signature - to determine exact location and identity of the object vaguely represented by it for ship’s navigation system to be able to lock the warp drive on it and go there. Well, some signatures are more difficult to scan than others but why be so discouraged. One can just skip them at first and level up their in-game scanning skills to progress and be able to successfully scan them later for sure.


From what I heard there was a way to warp anywhere you wanted to using deployables, but I am not sure, as I started playing about 2 months ago. It was called ,deep spot’’(?) if I’m not wrong.

Went into null sec because I am stupid; expected to be killed but was given money instead.

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Heh…Some of my closest friends now in EvE are people that I either A: Blowed up B: Almost blowed up. Your thoughts are backwards thinking for this game. When I was a young pup I was running Sansha sites in Derelik in a Wolf…Made a buttload of money in " Owned " low-sec.

I don’t know what else to tell you? You don’t want to hear " Get better " but that is literally your biggest problem at the moment. If you are going to live in low-sec your gonna have to learn who lives in the particular space your ratting in. Learn who is hostile, which corp//allliance’s are likely to see you as trespassing and will gun for you. D-scan will become your best friend, checking character info and z-kill will be a close second. And of course…Trust NO ONE.

I just came back from a looong break ( Since covid started ). I found these two russians sitting in my station. Couple days later I saw them mining gas from a gas site in a couple of ventures, scared them off with the decloaking of a Astero. One left station, other docked. The one who left came back in a Caracel ( Wanted a piece of my Astero ) and was greeted by my curse instead upon landing. I let them live, chatted em up and now they think we are " Friends ". Well news flash, as soon as I see them flying something nice I’ll dropping a covert cyno and they will be bitter…And I will cackle.

Hell, One time I sold protection//mining rites from a few systems I didnt even own. Guy paid me 600m. An hour later some friends logged on and popped their ships haha…Anyways, you just need to learn how to handle yourself in lowsec and once you do, you’ll do okay. Hell, if you can’t make it on your own then join the corp//alliance that runs that area. I’ll tell you this…Keep at it, get yourself out of highsec and you might enjoy the game more.

Is Marah Akiba your main char? I’ll send you 50 million from my main to help get your lowsec adventuring underway on my next log in.

I’ve been venturing into null and wormholes the past month and only died once because I was careless and stupid.

Learning how to properly utilise bookmarks is essential and will save you from dying.


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